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FW: ALABAMIANA: New anthology by Alabama prophet of protest, Joh n Beecher

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      Subject: ALABAMIANA: New anthology by Alabama prophet of protest, John

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      05/15/2003 01:18 PM

      NewSouth Books is in the early stages of promoting our new anthology of
      verse by John Beecher, One More River to Cross. The Milwaukee Journal calls
      Beecher "the most authentic social poet in American history." There's been
      nothing in print by Beecher in over 30 years.

      Barbara Beecher will visit Alabama in early spring next year, accompanied
      by editor Steven Ford Brown. Call NewSouth Books for more information:

      Here's the release on our anthology, now in print:

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For information
      May 2003
      Mildred Wakefield

      New Anthology of Verse by John Beecher:
      A Twentieth-Century Prophet of Protest

      "This is a man who speaks for the conscience of the people."
      ?William Carlos Williams

      Montgomery, Alabama?John Beecher's verse has been out of print for close to
      thirty years. An important new anthology of his work, One More River to
      Cross, has just been published, timed to mark the centennial of his birth
      next year.

      One More River To Cross is the work of the late John Beecher, a Birmingham,
      Alabama native and descendent of the abolitionist Beechers. Beecher was
      groomed to take his father's place as an executive in the steel industry,
      but when he went into the hills as a young man at the outset of the Great
      Depression he rebelled and began writing powerful, radical, activist poetry
      chronicling the economic ills of the 1930s, the steel mill environment, and
      the evils of Jim Crow segregation. The powerful and spare verse that fills
      One More River To Cross earned Beecher recognition as a twentieth-century
      prophet of protest. His other books include Report to the Stockholders, To
      Live and Die in Dixie, In Egypt Land, and a 1974 Macmillan edition of
      collected poems, all out of print.

      Stephen Ford Brown is employed in the European Equities Department of an
      international investment firm in Boston, and is a writer, editor and
      translator. He has edited and translated a number of books, including
      Astonishing World: The Selected Poems of Angel Gonzales, 1956-1986.
      Additionally, he recently edited the critically acclaimed Invited Guests:
      An Anthology of Southern Poetry, in which Beecher was also featured.
      NewSouth has recently issued an anthology of work by the Ecuadorian poet
      Jorge Carrera Andrade, also edited and translated from the Spanish by Ford
      Brown, entitled Century of the Death of the Rose.

      One More River To Cross is available at local bookstores, through on-line
      retailers, or directly from NewSouth Books at 334-834-3556. ISBN#
      1-58838-103-X. Retail price is $20.00 (trade paper).
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