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FW: Southern Women Writers (7/1/03; 10/16/03-10/18/03)

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      Subject: CFP: Southern Women Writers (7/1/03; 10/16/03-10/18/03)

      Call for Papers

      Fifth Biennial Southern Women Writers Conference

      Berry College, Rome, GA

      October 16-18, 2003


      Featured speakers to include:

      Dorothy Allison Faye Gibbons
      Janisse Ray

      Marilou Awiakta Lorraine Lopez
      Melanie Sumner

      Kelly Cherry Tayari Jones
      Helen Taylor

      Rosemary Daniell Karen McElmurray Natasha
      Tretheway Frances Smith Foster Sandra Meek
      C. D. Wright

      Surprise Musical Artist!

      Since its inception in 1996, the Southern Women Writers Conference has been
      devoted to showcasing the works of well-known and emerging southern women
      writers, expanding the literary canon, and developing critical and
      understandings of the tradition of southern womenbs writing.

      The theme for the 2003 conference is bSelf-Locations/Dislocations.b
      Through their writings, southern women past and present have celebrated,
      questioned, and/or challenged outright the social practices and cultural
      tied to the particularities of specific geographical locales and historical
      moments. For many southern women, then, writing has been and remains a
      of self-location, not simply in terms of geography but in multiple
      intersections of gender. race, ethnicity, and sexuality as well as in
      community, history, ecology, etc.; for others, writing may also be a means
      responding to displacement and diaspora. We invite critical submissions
      explore the full range of approaches to self-location and dislocation used
      women in and of the South, including but not limited to:

      * canonical and non-canonical works of fiction, poetry, autobiography,
      and drama
      * non-discursive works (film, photography, performance art, etc.)
      * works by non-native southerners set in the region
      * works by native southerners set outside the traditional boundaries
      of the
      * works set in the contemporary urban or suburban South
      * works set in distinctive sub-regions of the South (Appalachia, Sea
      Acadiana, etc.)
      * works by women who have been marginalized by race, ethnicity,
      class, etc.

      We especially encourage theoretical and disciplinary approaches that seek to
      remap the conventional boundaries and contours of the southern cultural

      Critical Submissions: Please send 300-word abstracts or completed papers
      can be read aloud in twenty minutes. If submitting a proposal for a panel,
      please include the names of participants and abstracts for individual

      All submissions are due no later than July 1, 2003 and may be sent via
      e-mail as
      attachments in MS Word format to swwc@... or by regular mail to:

      Southern Women Writers Conference; Berry College; Box 490350; Mt. Berry, GA

      Requests for multi-media equipment should accompany submissions.

      For more information call (706) 368-5625 or visit the conference website at:

      From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List
      Full Information at
      or write Erika Lin: elin@...
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