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FW: HUGE Party Tomorrow! [Alabama authors at Capitol Books, Montg omery]

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      Subject: HUGE Party Tomorrow!

      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Friday, December 13, 2002

      Booksigning Event of the Year!

      Most of you don't come to the bookstore most days, but most days aren't like
      tomorrow's going to be, so if you've got to choose one day to come, tomorrow
      ought to be that day! Because TOMORROW, SATURDAY DECEMBER 14, FROM 1-4 PM,
      we're having the biggest and best booksigning event we've ever had.

      FIVE of the very most popular writers in the whole state will be here, and
      all of them have new books out this Christmas, and all of them have older,
      extremely popular books, too, and there is not a single person to whom
      you're even vaguely thinking about giving a present this year for whom you
      cannot find the perfect one here tomorrow, and get it personally inscribed
      to them, too!

      Here's the lineup, in no particular order:

      Tom Fitzpatrick. Tom's a frustrating guy, because every once in a while
      we'll write something for the newspaper that we think is pretty good, and
      then that same newspaper will print one of Tom's essays, or book reviews, or
      theater reviews, or even just a letter to the editor, and we'll think maybe
      we ought to just quit submitting stuff to the paper, because Tom's is just
      so much better! He's only the smartest, funniest person we know, and we
      could not be happier to announce that he's making a very rare trip to the
      store tomorrow to sign copies of his latest, Boo of the Silver Rod ($15.95
      paperback). We've also got copies of his huge seller from a few years ago,
      Secret Pleasures (paperback, $12.95) One thing. Tom may have to leave the
      party a little early, so you might want to come before 3 PM if you want to
      meet him personally.

      Kathryn Tucker Windham You all know Karthryn. Most of you have sat,
      literally or figuratively, at her feet and listened to her tell her
      wonderful stories of life in Alabama way back when, and now she's come up
      with another one, a very moving little vignette about Christmastimes past
      and present, called It's Christmas! A bonus: it's illustrated by
      Montgomery's own Buz Crump. This is one of those you'll pull out every
      Christmas from now on! ($15.95 hardback)

      Ed Givhan The king of gardening writers. Also, the last doctor to make a
      house call to us, on a day when we really needed a house call. His new one
      is Alabama Gardens Great and Small ($26.95 paperback). It's beautiful! (Ed,
      too, may have to leave at 3 PM, so if he's the guy you want to meet, come

      Wayne Greenhaw Wayne has our hottest selling title this Christmas,
      Montgomery: The River City. He was here a few weeks ago signing this one,
      and he's made another appearance or two around town, but we know that not
      everybody has bought one yet, so we're giving you one more chance. It's
      really a very interesting new look at Montgomery history, written by a guy
      who, it is clear from this book, is passionate about this city. ($39.95

      Mary Ann Neeley Say it ain't so. Mary Ann Neeley retiring? That's what the
      newspaper said last week,so it must be so, but we hate it. Mary Ann changed
      the face of Montgomery, and 100 years from now people will still say, "See
      that beautiful old building over there? It would be gone but for Mary Ann
      Neeley," and that's a pretty good memorial. But she's not dead yet, not by a
      long shot, and in fact she's just published a very nice little book about
      Old Alabama Town. It's intended to be a guide book for visitors there, but
      it really is a great little book about Montgomery's architectural and social
      history, too. It's called, of course, Old Alabama Town ($18.95 paperback)


      All these folks have written other books, too.....way too many to include
      here, but we'll have copies of most of their old stuff here, too. And as
      always, if you just can't make it here, we'll be happy to get whatever you
      need, signed, giftwrapped, and shipped anywhere in time for Christmas! Just
      call or email us.

      But come! It'll be fun, and there'll be lots of other fun all over the
      neighborhood, as all the stores are doing a little something extra as part
      of our annual Old-Fashioned Cloverdale Christmas!

      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334-265-1473
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