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FW: Party Tomorrow! [for W. Greenhaw's new history of Montgomery]

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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Tuesday, November 19, 2002

      Today's Contents:
      1. Is "New History" An Oxymoron?
      2. Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

      Greenhaw Breaks New Ground
      We hope you saw the story in today's Montgomery Advertiser about Wayne
      Greenhaw's new book, "Montgomery: The River City." But whether you did or
      you didn't, you should know that this one is a real significant contribution
      to the old city's rich, colorful, highly conflicted history. Which is to
      say, there's stuff in here we've never heard before, because Wayne, who
      loves this city as much as anybody you know, never stops digging around to
      find out more and more about it.

      Last year our biggest bestseller was "Sense of Place," the book about
      Montgomery's architectural heritage, and this new book by Wayne Greenhaw
      belongs right there on the shelf beside that one. And wouldn't it be a nice
      Christmas present, especially if you could get it signed by Wayne? Which of
      course you can, TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 20, FROM 4-6 PM, right here at
      the store.

      Come meet Wayne, hear some old Montgomery stories told as only he can tell
      them, and get every Montgomerian on your Christmas list a present they'll
      treasure long into the future. If you can't come, just let us know, and
      we'll get as many copies as you want signed any way you want, giftwrapped,
      and even shipped if you want us to. ($39.95 hardcover)

      We Need More
      Just a reminder to keep sending us your reports on the best books you read
      in 2002. It can be as many books as you like, and we wouldn't even mind if
      you let us know of any books which were especially disappointing reads, too.
      We've just been commissioned by the newspaper to do a long article
      consisting of your responses, so, well, we really need your responses.

      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334-265-1473
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