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FW: Book Series on Southern Industrialization

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Subject: CFP: Book Series on Southern Industrialization


      The Southern Industrialization Project (SIP), an organization founded in
      1996 to foster a greater understanding of the history and culture of
      industrialization in the American South, is sponsoring publication of a
      series of volumes, _New Directions in the History of Southern Economy_, with
      the University of Missouri Press. The first volume, _Global Perspectives on
      Industrial Transformation in the American South_ , is meant to establish the
      innovative theoretical and methodological approaches which will inform the
      whole series and, as such, will be devoted to comparative themes aimed at
      placing the Southern industrial experience, from the antebellum days to the
      present, in non-traditional contexts, including the international one.The
      series editors, Susanna Delfino (University of Genoa, Italy) and Michele
      Gillespie (Wake Forest University, USA), will be glad to consider proposals
      for essays to be included with this first volume. Comparisons may regard
      other US realities (either western or northeastern) as well as foreign
      countries and be focused on any chosen time period starting from the
      antebellum era.

      Proposals of no more than two pages should be sent to both editors via
      e-mail (susanna.delfino@...; gillesmk@...) by November 20, 2002
      along with a short vita of the author. Final essays, which should not exceed
      30 double-spaced pages of 26 lines including endnotes, will be due by
      February 15, 2003.


      Michael Gagnon
      SIP Executive Committee Member
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