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FW: October 13, 2002 Advertiser Column [Alabama authors]

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  • A.J. Wright
    Several authors with Alabama connections in this column by Mr. Upchurch of Capitol Book in Montgomery...aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu ... From: Capitol Book
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      Several authors with Alabama connections in this column by Mr. Upchurch of
      Capitol Book in Montgomery...aj wright // ajwright@...

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      Subject: October 13, 2002 Advertiser Column


      After today we'll only have five more columns before Christmas, and that
      will not be enough columns to tell you about all the great new books that
      are coming out this fall. Our fear that the "9/11" anniversary books would
      put a damper on the traditional Christmas glut of books was unfounded, to
      say the least. In fact, just the opposite. It appears to us that many books
      scheduled for last spring and summer were pushed back to this fall, with the
      happy result that it looks like we may be in for an embarrassment of riches
      this year.

      So here we go. We're going to try to pack as many new books into the next
      few columns as we can, starting with one written by an old friend of ours,
      and a Montgomery resident, Jim Nathan. Jim is what you call a "high
      muckety-muck" in the field of foreign relations, which is right now a growth
      industry. He teaches out at AUM, has served in the foreign service of this
      country, lectures all over the world, and has just published his eighth
      book, "Soldiers, Statecraft, and History," to extremely high praise from all
      sorts of folks in the fields of diplomacy and foreign relations. The book is
      about why and when it makes sense to go to war, and that's about the central
      question we're all asking right now, isn't it? ($26.95 paperback)

      And speaking of war, remember the cold one? Kind of miss it, don't you? It
      gave rise to many, many great books, including Ian Fleming's James Bond
      books, and those Bond books in turn spawned many a great movie. There's a
      new Bond movie about to come out, and the release of that one will mark the
      40th anniversary of the 007 flicks, and believe it or not, a Montgomery
      native has cowritten the official history of the film series! The Montgomery
      author is John Cork, whom you all will remember as the screenwriter of "A
      Long Walk Home," and his coauthor is Bruce Scivally, another Alabama native!
      The book is "James Bond: The Legacy," and it is truly a tour de force.
      Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, most never before
      published, and chock full of lots of inside poop, this beautiful book is a
      must-have for fans of the Bond movies, and it solves the Christmas gift
      problem for those of you who know such a fan. John and Bruce both work in
      Los Angeles, and one of the things they do out there is produce, write and
      direct those "extras" that come on the DVD's of the James Bond movies. You
      know, interviews with the director, features on how certain special effects
      work, biographies of Ian Fleming, Sean Connery, and everybody else, that
      type of stuff. So they really do know all those guys, and they had
      unfettered access to everything Bond, and they have produced one big,
      beautiful and extremely interesting book, sized to fit your coffee table.
      ($49.95 hardcover)

      We get lots of mail every week from publishers asking us to order their
      books, and telling us how wonderful their authors are. Years of bookselling
      have made us conservative and skeptical where such claims are concerned, but
      a purple flyer from the University of Iowa Press caught our attention
      recently. "Local Author Returns to Alabama in Her Award Winning Debut
      Fiction Collection," it said. That did rate a second look. Jennifer Davis
      grew up on Lake Martin, and now she's won the 2002 Iowa Short Fiction Award
      for her short story collection "Her Kind of Want". Well, Thomas sort of
      grew up on Lake Martin, and that is one very prestigious award, so we up and
      ordered the book, and Cheryl read it and really liked it. The stories are
      set around rural south Alabama, and they center on young women who are
      struggling, against the odds and their menfolk, to be happy. She reminds us
      of another favorite writer, Pam Houston. Highly recommended. ($15.95

      Have you ever seen one of those fainting goats? When they get nervous they
      keel over and faint dead away, and we're beginning to have some of that same
      feeling as we realize there are way too many books, and way too little space
      in this column. We're not going to faint, we hope, but we are concerned that
      we may leave something good out, so we promise that next time we'll get more
      than just three books in the column.
      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334-265-1473
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