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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 13 September- 4 October & Bo nus Links

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Note: These listings are being archived at <<<<<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews.htm>>>>>

      **Vulcan partly returns from spa
      Famous head, arm, spear point have been renovated at iron works
      Birmingham News 4 October 2002

      **Honoring Harper Lee 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author receives Alabama Humanities Award
      Mobile Register 4 October 2002

      **Author Harper Lee greeted fans and posed for
      photos during a rare public appearance. But the author of "To Kill
      a Mockingbird" was brief in accepting the 2002 Alabama Humanities
      Award. Lee's 1960 novel tells the fictional story of a black man
      falsely accused of raping a white woman in an Alabama town in the
      1930s. Since then, Lee has avoided the public eye. Yesterday was no
      exception. When introduced by friend and author Wayne Greenhaw, Lee
      said --quote--"Mister Greenhaw has robbed me of words, so I'll say
      thank you from the bottom of my heart."
      WAAY-TV 31 Daily News 4 October 2002

      **Veterans of World War II destroyer escorts hold reunion in Mobile
      Mobile Register 4 October 2002

      **History alive at `powwow' [Moundville]
      Event showcases tribal history, culture, music
      Birmingham News 3 October 2002

      **Small-Town Retailer Closing After 51 Years [Kitchin's]
      NBC13.com 3 October 2002

      **Bob Jones to induct 5 into high school's Hall of Fame
      Huntsville Times 2 October 2002

      **Trail of Tears leaves its mark
      Roadside plaque at Madison County High marks Flint River encampment
      Huntsville Times 1 October 2002

      **Forgotten past: Groups work to restore Moulton judge's tombstone [Thomas M. Peters]
      Florence Times-Daily 30 September 2002

      **1923 Sept 17: Hank Williams, country singer (Cold, Cold Heart, Hey Good Lookin')is born.

      1963 Sept 15:Four children are killed in bombing of a black Baptist church in
      FROM: Poor Gabriel's Alamanac poorgabriel@...

      **1895 Sept 18- Booker T. Washington makes a speech at the Cotton States and
              International Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia.  Known as the
              "Atlanta Compromise" speech, Washington advocates acceptance
              of a subordinate role for African Americans, espouses peaceful
              coexistence with white Southerners, and calls agitation over
              the question of social equality "the extremist folly."  The
              speech, which reportedly leaves some African American listeners
              in tears and will incur the wrath of W.E.B. Du Bois and others,
              secures Washington's reputation among whites as a successor
              to Frederick Douglass.

      1963 Sept 15- Four African American schoolgirls - Addie Collins, Denise McNair,
              Carol Robertson and Cynthia Wesley - are killed in a bombing at
              the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  It
              is an act of violence that galvanizes the civil rights movement.

      1964 Sept 15- Rev. K.L. Buford and Dr. Stanley Smith are elected to the Tuskegee
              City Council and become the first African American elected
              officials in Alabama in the twentieth century.

      1965 Sept 13- Willie Mays hits his 500th career home run.

      1948 Sept 13- Nell Carter is born in Birmingham, Alabama.  She will become a
              Broadway sensation as a singer and actress in Broadway's "Bubbling
              Brown Sugar", "Ain't Misbehavin' "(for which she will win a
              Tony), and for five seasons in television's "Gimme a Break".
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      **Bonus Links

      **John W. Heisman, Noted Coach, Dies [Heisman coached at Auburn]
      New York Times 4 October 1936 [requires free registration for access]

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