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FW: Southern Historical Association

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Subject: Southern Historical Association

      Dear Colleague:

      As a Virginia representative of the 2002 Southern Historical Association
      membership committee, I invite you to join the Southern Historical
      Association if you have not already done so. Founded in 1934, the
      organization ranks among the most important organizations today promoting
      scholarship on vital aspects of American history, including regionalism,
      sectionalism, race, war and society, religion, and economy.

      The SHA's acclaimed quarterly, the Journal of Southern History, publishes
      articles on a wide range of topics, reviews book, and provides information
      on activities within the profession, including conference announcements and
      award and research opportunities.

      Scholars from around the world attend the SHA annual meeting, normally held
      during the first or second week of November. Sessions devoted to the
      fields of American, European, Latin American, and public history bring
      together the most recent scholarship by historians in the South. Recent
      meetings have been held in Atlanta, Birmingham, Fort Worth, Louisville, and
      New Orleans.

      Please note that the dues are among the lowest for any professional
      organization (student dues are only $8.00). The annual meeting pre-
      registration fee of $10.00 is not only a bargain, but reflects the
      organization's emphasis on promoting participation and exchange.
      Membership provides an excellent opportunity for archivists, librarians,
      curators, historians, history enthusiasts, and students to affiliate with a
      first-rate, scholarly enterprise.

      I hope you will consider becoming of a member of SHA. For more information
      and a membership form, follow the link below.



      Jennifer Davis McDaid
      The Library of Virginia

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