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FW: [AlabamaFolklife] Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers' Convent ion

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      Subject: [AlabamaFolklife] Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers' Convention

      If you haven't been to the Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers' Convention on
      the campus of Athens State College in Athens, AL, you ought to try to get
      there someday. It's a fall festival at its best. The contest goes on
      continuously from Friday Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. until Saturday the 5th about 11
      p.m. and takes place on the steps of historic Founder's Hall. But the
      action is all around campus where there is music everywhere, food booths
      with crisp new apples and apple cider for sale, lots of (generally tacky,
      but fun) crafts booths, cool Fall air and more.

      And if you come, please consider helping us staff the Alabama Folklife Booth
      for a couple of hours. You will not miss any music. . you'll meet lots of
      folks...and you'll help the organization let folks know about Alabama's
      traditional culture and the research we've done and the CDs, videos, books,
      etc. that we've produced. It'll just consume two or three hours of your
      weekend. If you can do it, please contact me (not the whole list, unless
      you want to be a WITNESS!). E-mail me at joycecauthen@... and let
      me know what hours you prefer.
      Joyce Cauthen

      See www.bamalong.com for info on
      The Birmingham Country Dance Society
      Red Mt. White Trash, Flying Jenny
      Alabama Folklife
      And checkout www.alabamafolklife.org

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