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FW: Colonial America, Southern Historical Association

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      Subject: CFP: Colonial America, Southern Historical Association

      From: "Phyllis Hunter" <phylliswh@...>
      Subject: Papers on Colonial America
      Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 11:58:45 -0700

      Call for Papers:
      69th Annual Meeting of the Southern Historical Association
      Houston, Texas - November 6-9, 2003
      The program committee is encouraging proposals for individual papers or
      full sessions on colonial America. Our field has been notably
      underrepresented in recent years. We are particularly interested in
      constructing sessions on the South (defined broadly) and the Atlantic
      World; on incorporating the South and the Borderlands in teaching colonial
      America; and on assessing the recent work on the Atlantic slave trade.
      The overall theme of the conference is "Transformations." This includes how
      Southerners keep re-inventing themselves and the region, including the
      various political and economic movements that fueled social change, the
      reconstructions of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality, and the
      way such transformations have been remembered and recorded. Given the
      meeting's location in Houston, this provides a special opportunity to link
      the "traditional" conception of the South to scholarship on the West, the
      Borderlands, and the Atlantic World. Sessions that deal with national
      American history and comparisons between the North and South, Europe, and
      Latin America, are also welcome. In addition, sessions related to new ways
      of teaching southern history are encouraged.
      According to the overall SHA policy, no one who has given a paper at the
      Annual Meetings of 2001 or 2002 may present a paper in 2003. Proposals from
      graduate students are welcome. If you have any questions please contact me
      at phylliswh@... or pwhunter@....
      Please send 2 copies of individual paper or session proposals for the
      colonial period by October 1, 2002 to:
      Nancy Hewitt and Steven Lawson
      Department of History
      Van Dyck Hall
      Rutgers University
      16 Seminary Place
      New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1108
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