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FW: Alabamiana -- new title [Mobile's historic cemeteries]

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      Sue O. Medina
      Network of Alabama Academic Libraries
      P. O. Box 302000
      Montgomery, AL 36130-2000

      "Jessica Lowther" <jlowther@...>

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      _Cities of Silence: A Guide to Mobile's Historic Cemeteries_

      By John S. Sledge

      Photography by Sheila Hagler

      This beautiful photojournal is a visually stunning tour of the history
      and funerary art of Mobile's 19th-century urban cemeteries.

      _Cities of Silence_ is a richly illustrated, evocative study of five of
      Mobile's historic buiral grounds: Magnolia Cemetery, Church Street
      Graveyard, Old Catholic, Sha'arai Shomayim, and Ahavas Chesed cemeteries.
      Through the use of historic photographs and maps as well as more than 70
      contemporary black-and-white images by
      photographer Sheila Hagler, John Sledge throroughly examins the development
      of these solemn spaces.

      Briskly paced and absorbingly written, _Cities of Silence_moves the reader
      through a world of mourning and ritual scarcely imaginable today. Sledge
      jprobes the meanings and practices of Victorian burials and jazz funerals
      and explains national trends in cemetery landscaping and funerary
      sculpture. Hagler's breathtaking photographs document the wealth of
      sophisticated cast iron and beautiful gravestone art characteristic of
      these cemeteries. Together they unearth a rich stock of legend and
      folklore associated with Mobile's hallowed grounds, including the stories
      of the Boyington Oak, grown from the grave of a falsely accused man, and
      the enigmatic Goddess of Magnolia, said to summon storms when attempts are
      made to more her.

      Mobile's cemeteries were shaped by pestilence, war, and deep-seated
      religious beliefs. From the devastation of the 1819 yellow fever epidemic
      to the persistent sectional loyalty demonstrated by the annual decoration
      of Confederate Rest; from descriptions of
      arcane Mardi Gras practices to the variety of foreign inscriptions
      indicating Mobile's cosmopolitan population; this book serves as an
      important cultural analysis of the Port City and its peoples. Even more
      than this, _Cities of Silence_ is a celebration of the human spirit in the
      face of life's greatest test--death itself.


      "John Sledge's book is considerably more than 'a guide to Mobile's
      historic cemeteries'....[It] is also a meditation in words and pictures
      on death and life in a bygone era."

      ----Robert S. Gamble, State Architectural Historian, The Alabama Historical

      "Even if you weren't born in Mobile and don't intend to spend
      Eternity there, you'll be drawn in by this brief, well-illustrated
      history of the city's richly various old graveyards."

      ----Robert Wilson, editor of Preservation Magazine


      John S. Sledge is an architectural historian for the Mobile Historic
      Development Commission and Book Editor for the _Mobile Register_. Sheila
      Hagler is a professional photographer living in Grand Bay, Alabama.


      128 pages, 11 x 11

      ISBN: 0-8173-1140-8

      $35.00t cloth



      Funerary Art, Cemeteries, Photography, Architecture

      For any further information, please contact:

      Priscilla McWilliams, Publicity Assistant

      Phone: 205.348.9534
      Fax: 205.348.9201
      James B. McMillan Press Building
      20 Research Drive
      Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380

      Jessica Lowther
      Marketing - Exhibits & Direct Mail
      Phone: (205) 348-1566
      Fax: (205) 348-9201
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