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FW: Fannie Flagg-Signed Copies

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      Subject: Fannie Flagg-Signed Copies

      Hi Y'All-

      Fannie Flagg's publisher is sending her on a grueling, whirlwind national tour involving non-stop radio, television and newspaper interviews as well as lots of appearances at those huge, monster chain stores. This ordeal will be over in several weeks and we who really appreciate Fannie's incredible writing talent (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize) will be able to have a relaxed visit with one of the country's truly great authors- when she is in charge of her schedule. More on the relaxed visits in a minute.

      For those who just can't wait to start reading her best book yet, Fannie is going to zip in early next week (on her own), before the trip begins and sign copies of her fantastic new book, Standing in the Rainbow. It got a major review in Publishers Weekly and we rate it as sensational.

      If you'd like signed copies for yourself or as gifts, please reply to this e-mail. We also have the new hardback release of Fried Green Tomatoes. Here's the scoop on the signed copies:

      For the information about "An Evening With Fannie Flagg", click here:

      For time and date of Fannie's comfy in-store signing, click here:

      Send us your reply now for signed, first editions.

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      2626 19th Place
      Homewood, AL 35209

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      undeliverable invitations after each mailing. If you wish to be removed from our invitation list, please reply. Likewise, please forward to good reading friends. Your e-mail address is kept absolutely confidential. We will NEVER, EVER sell or loan this list to anyone under any circumstances. Lastly, if you received this notice by forward from a friend and would like to join Alabama's literati, please request same.

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