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FW: New Series from U of A Press

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Subject: FWD: New Series

      >===== Original Message From Glenn Feldman <gfeldman@...> =====

      I write to let you know about a new series that
      Kari Frederickson (University of Alabama) and I
      will be editing, and to invite you to submit book
      manuscripts that you may be working on that are
      relevant to the series.

      Also, please let your colleagues and students who
      are working on appropriate topics know about the
      series, so that they may also consider submitting
      their work.

      The series, entitled _The Modern South_, will be
      published by the University of Alabama Press, and
      will be announced formally at the November 2002
      Southern Historical Association meeting in

      Dan Ross, the new director of the University of
      Alabama Press--late of the University of Nebraska
      Press--is very enthusiastic about the new series
      and has committed considerable press resources to
      the series and to ensuring its success.

      _The Modern South_ series will include works on
      Southern history form 1940 to present that address
      issues other than civil rights, primarily. Monographs
      and synthetic works with a single, or perhaps double,
      authorship are encouraged. Edited collections may be
      possible once the series is established and has published
      several titles. Topics "informed" by race and/or civil
      rights are acceptable for inclusion, as well as topics
      that straddle the chronological divide of 1940, but
      which still contain a good deal of material on the post-
      1940 era.

      In addition to other topics that may arise in the future,
      _The Modern South_ is interested in book manuscripts on
      the history of the following:

      Sports and Leisure
      Education and Educational Reform
      Urbanization and Suburbanization
      Gender and Family Issues
      Industry and Labor

      All best regards,


      Glenn Feldman, Ph.D.
      Assistant Professor
      Center for Labor Education and Research
      University of Alabama at Birmingham
      1044 Eleventh Street South
      Birmingham, Alabama 35294-4500
      Fax: (205)975-5087/Email: gfeldman@...

      John Shelton Reed
      126 Mallette St.
      Chapel Hill NC 27516
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