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FW: AVL Alabama History Listserv is Ready

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  • A.J. Wright
    This new discussion list is designed for the The Cornerstone Project, as described below [and in emails I forwarded a week or so ago...] --aj wright //
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2002
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      This new discussion list is designed for the The Cornerstone Project, as
      described below [and in emails I forwarded a week or so ago...] --aj wright
      // ajwright@...

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      Subject: AVL Alabama History Listserv is Ready

      Cross-posted to NAAL-L and AVL List. -- please excuse the duplication.
      Also, please feel free to post to your favorite discussion list! And,
      this time, I included the INSTRUCTIONS TO SUBSCRIBE!

      GO TO: http://list.virtual.lib.al.us/cgi-bin/lyris.pl

      This should open at the main menu.

      Select "Alabama Virtual Library Listserv" link.

      Then, select the topic "alabamahistory". At this point,you should see the
      Mailing List" form. Select the "Join alabamahistory" button.

      To join the alabamahistory listserv you will be prompted to input
      information. An email address is all that is required. Once you have
      saved your information you will receive an email which you must reply to
      in order to be added as a member.

      NOTE: You MUST respond to the message to be confirmed as a subscriber.

      You will receive listserv email just by joining. To access archived
      messages you must logon to the alabamahistory listserv at the "Enter
      Mailing List" page (no password required). To post messages simply send
      mail to alabamahistory@....

      The Alabama Supercomputer Authority, in its capacity to provide technical
      support for the Alabama Virtual Library, has created an online discussion
      list for the Cornerstone Project. The Network of Alabama Academic
      Libraries received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library
      Services (IMLS) to implement this exciting statewide initiative to make
      unique historical treasures from Alabama's archives, libraries, museums,
      and other repositories electronically accessible to Alabama residents as
      well as scholars throughout the world. Over the next two years, The
      Cornerstone Project: Building the Founation for Sharing Alabama Hisory
      Resources will:

      Create 15,000 digital surrogates for materials held in Alabama
      respositories that support teaching and learning about Alabama
      history. These materials will be organized to support the Alabama
      Course of Study Social Studies with emphasis on Alabama and U.S.

      Work with repositories of all types to develop long-range plans and
      implement strategies to assure unique materials are digitized and made
      available via the Alabama Virtual Library.

      Develop and implement a statewide training program to assure that
      librarians, archivists, and other staff attain the knowledge and
      skills to successfully plan, initiate, and complete digitization
      projects. Training will be provided at NO COST to the participants.

      Establish two new shared-use digitization facilities at Auburn University
      and University of Alabama to join the Department of Archives and
      History to support locally based digitization and serve as training
      centers for the project.

      If you are interested in digitizing library resources and applying this
      technology to Alabama history materials, I encourage you to subscribe to
      this list. Please ask anyone else in your library, archive, museum, or
      other repository who might be interested to also subscribe. This will be
      the PRIMARY source of information about this statewide effort to digitize
      Alabama history resources.

      Sue O. Medina
      Network of Alabama Academic Libraries
      P. O. Box 302000
      Montgomery, AL 36130-2000
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