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FW: Alabama's digital [history] site will need a name

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi...an exciting new initiative...aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu ... From: smedina@ACHE.STATE.AL.US [mailto:smedina@ACHE.STATE.AL.US] Sent: Thursday, April 25,
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      fyi...an exciting new initiative...aj wright // ajwright@...

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      Subject: Alabama's digital site will need a name

      The Network of Alabama Academic Libraries received a grant to develop a
      website accessible via the Alabama Virtual Library that will assist users
      in finding resources documenting Alabama history. A description of this
      effort can be reviewed at:

      choose The Cornerstone Project

      As envisioned, users would link to this website from the Alabama Virtual
      Library. From there, they could view enrichment units tied to Alabama
      Moments (the Alabama curriculum enrichment materials for the 10th and 11th
      grade course of study in U.S.History), link to repositories that want to be
      listed in a directory of collections about Alabama, and search a database
      to locate digital surrogates of materials held in special collections,
      archives, museums, and other respositories.

      We need a really terrific name for this initiative. (and, of course,
      beautiful graphics!) The name must be broad enough to cover the whole of
      Alabama history and heritage -- and inclusive of online materials in a
      variety of formats, including text, images, sound, video, etc. I have been
      listing suggestions and looking for ideas. We need a website title that
      will be descriptive -- and also unique enough to register as a domain name.
      I would DEARLY love to receive suggestions from all of you. To help your
      brainstorming, here are some of ideas to date:

      Alabamiana: Foundations for Alabama History
      Historic Alabama
      Finding Alabama
      Search Alabama Information
      Alabama History Commons
      Public Access to Alabama History
      Access to Alabama Historical Collections (Resources)
      Digital Library of Alabama
      Online Alabama
      Alabama History and Heritage
      Alabama Information and Materials Search (AIMS)
      Alabama Digital Information Alabama (ADIA)
      Amagine Alabama (this was proposed as a graphic with a single A serving
      both words)
      Researching Alabama
      Documenting Alabama
      Alabama Knowledge

      Please let me know if any of these "sing" to you -- or if you have a really
      good creative proposal.

      I will pass on two amusing suggestions:

      Digital Alabama Moments (but I don't think we can use this acronym!)

      Alabama Library Archives Museums Online (but Texas would be furious if we
      used ALAMO)

      I have some good acronyms -- but they just use libraries (The Alabama
      Library Online Network - TALON) --and we need to recognize that museums,
      archives, historical societies, etc. are equally important.

      Sue O. Medina
      Network of Alabama Academic Libraries
      P. O. Box 302000
      Montgomery, AL 36130-2000
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