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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi...forwarded from AL-MOBILEBAY, a genealogical discussion list......aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu ... From: Kevin Sellew [mailto:tjk5405@myexcel.com] Sent:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2002
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      fyi...forwarded from AL-MOBILEBAY, a genealogical discussion list......aj
      wright // ajwright@...

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      From: Kevin Sellew [mailto:tjk5405@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 2:05 AM
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      Subject: [AL-MOBILEBAY] Happy Holidays from the List Manager

      Happy Holidays everyone. I hope this message finds you all well and

      In case you don't already know, 2002 is the Tricentennial of Mobile. Find
      out more at http://www.mobile.org/html/writers/tricentennial.php

      Also, be sure to visit the Mobile Genealogical Society's web site at

      Happy rooting in 2002!

      Kevin Sellew in Mobile, Alabama
      List Manager for Mobile Bay Area Roots mailing list [AL-MOBILEBAY]

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