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FW: Some Alabama-related books....

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi..too late for Christmas....aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu ... From: Capitol Book [mailto:tmu@capitolbook.com] Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 11:30 AM To:
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      fyi..too late for Christmas....aj wright // ajwright@...

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      Subject: Some Surprises

      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Thursday December 20, 2001

      Some books arrived this week that we didn't think we were going to get in
      time for
      Christmas.....some we've had before, but sold out, and one we just didn't
      think we
      were going to see until the new year.

      The New Arrival
      "Captain Saturday" by Bob Inman. This is Bob's new one, and we hope his best
      yet, but
      to be truthful we haven't read it yet. We were planning to wait until closer
      to his
      appearance here, on January 29. But the book is here now, and those of you
      who know
      Bob's work ("Home Fires Burning," "Old Dogs & Children," and "Dairy Queen
      Days") know
      this new one will be good, and know it'll make a nice Christmas present,
      too! ($24.95

      Another New One, But Not Quite As
      "It Wasn't All Dancing" by Mary Ward Brown. This new book of short stories
      here a couple of weeks ago, and we sold out post haste. Finally got more in,
      and have
      plenty here now. ($24.95 hardcover)

      The Best, or at Least Cheryl's Favorite
      "The Animals' Christmas Carol" by Helen Ward. An old, old story, but this
      version is
      INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL. Helen Ward's illustrations are great. If you have, or
      know, any
      young child, you could do a lot worse than to get this book for them. We
      sold out a
      week or so ago, and didn't think we'd get any more, but we did!($17.95

      No List Would Be Complete.....
      ...without a mention of this year's number one bestselling Christmas book,
      Christmas" by John Grisham. Yes...THAT John Grisham. Sort of cynical couple
      then gets back, the Christmas spirit. Nobody's killed, nobody's stalked,
      convicted of any crime. We have to admit....we've been surprised at the huge
      popularity of this one. Now back in stock. ($19.95 hardcover)

      Mr. Winkle?
      But nothing Grisham did, or could do, will ever match the surprise this one
      was, and
      is. The book's called "What is Mr. Winkle?," and if you saw Mr. Winkle on
      the Today
      Show the other day, well, you STILL aren't sure he's for real, are you?
      People either
      hate this weird book, or dissolve into tears laughing so hard at it. We got
      a bunch
      more in yesterday, and one lady who happened to be here bought 'em all up,
      except we
      made her leave 10 copies for the store. At last count, only 5 or so remain.
      And still
      we wonder....what IS Mr. Winkle? Hint: this might be a good one for the dog
      (dog nut?) on your Christmas list. ($14.95 hardcover)

      Poetry Speaks
      Listen to Tennyson read his own poetry! And Whitman! And Eliot! And sad
      Sylvia Plath!
      And fifty other well-known poets! This book, "Poetry Speaks," comes with 3
      about 3 hours of poetry listening pleasure. You can read along with the
      poems in the
      book, plus you get nice little essays on every poet. This is the one book
      taking home with us this year, if y'all leave us any. Sold out twice, got
      more in
      this week. ($49.95 hardcover, includes 3 CD's)

      And Yet To Come....
      Now here we're going to step out on a limb, and tell you about a book that
      a) is not
      here yet, b) has already been delayed from its original publication date,
      and c) we
      haven't even seen an advance copy of, so we can only HOPE it's going to be a
      enough book that we can recommend it to you. But underground speculation has
      rampant, and we've had lots of inquiries about it, and we THINK it's going
      to be here
      tomorrow....and since we expect a lot of you will be leaving the office
      tomorrow, and wouldn't get any email until after Christmas if we waited
      until then to
      email you....well, we're just going to tell you about it now, just as if we
      really SURE it'll be here tomorrow.

      What it is, is a book about the history of Old Cloverdale, complete with
      and family histories of folks who built Old Cloverdale, and those who've
      lived there
      (here) for lo these many years. It's been written and published locally, and
      we think
      it might just be a real good last minute Christmas present. If you're the
      type of
      person who doesn't mind taking a little risk, why don't you go ahead and
      reserve a
      copy or two right now? It's only $14.95, so get three!

      A little cautionary note: This may all fall through, and the book may not
      here....but don't you see, that's the FUN of it!!

      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      334-265-1473 Voice
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