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FW: Christmas suggestions, Part 1 [from Capitol Book & News]

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      fyi..some Alabamiana items included...aj wright // ajwright@...

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      Subject: Christmas suggestions, Part 1

      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Tuesday December 18, 2001

      We haven't forgotten you.......we've just been so busy this year that we
      found the time to get one of our newsletters out. But here is a short list
      of some
      books we like, but which you might not have thought of as Christmas
      presents. In no
      particular order:

      "The Untidy Pilgrim" by Eugene Walter. Young man from rural Alabama moves to
      to find his fortune, but all his plans go awry amidst much Mobile weirdness,
      and a
      host of very eccentric Mobile people. This is an old one, first published in
      when it was a minor success, and reissued this year in paperback ($18.95)
      because of
      the renewed interest in the author, caused by the publication of another of

      ....."Milking the Moon: A Southerner's Story of Life on This Planet," edited
      Kartherine Clark ($25 hardcover). This one we wrote about in the newspaper a
      months ago, but more than one person has told us we did not do the book
      justice. It's
      the reminiscences of Eugene Walter about his life in Mobile, New York, Paris
      and Rome
      over the course of about 50 years, and it's so funny that we found ourselves
      dissolved in laughter while trying to read parts of it out loud to one
      another. The
      biggest, most pleasant surprise to us of any book this year, except.........

      ......"A Sense of Place" by Jeff Benton (photographs by Jim Goodwyn). This
      is the one
      about Montgomery architecture. We've sold hundreds, but maybe somebody out
      hasn't heard of it yet. ($39.95 hardcover)

      The best translation of a fourth century bishop you'll find this year is
      Gary Wills's
      translation of Saint Augustine's "Childhood," the first of four planned
      of the old bishop's "Confessiones." In coming years we can look forward to
      translations of "Sin," "Memory," and "Conversion." So get in on the
      ($23.95 hardcover)

      Fans of Nick Bantock's "Griffin & Sabine" novels will be pleased to know
      there's a
      new one this Christmas, "The Gryphon," which brings us the heretofore lost
      correspondences between Griffin and Sabine. If you have no idea about any of
      don't worry....we'll try to come up with something for you a little further
      down the
      list. ($19.95 hardcover)

      "It Wasn't All Dancing," short stories by Mary Ward Brown. We sold out of
      this one
      within a day or two, and have been waiting, hoping to get more in for
      Christmas. We
      did, and now have plenty. Mary Ward Brown will be at the store in late
      January, so
      get this one now (and if you haven't already done so, also get her first
      "Tongues of Flame," now available in paperback), and bring it to the reading
      January! ($24.95 hardcover)

      "Theodore Rex" by Edmund Morris. The long (22 years!) awaited sequel to one
      of the
      two best books ever written ("The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt," now
      coincidentally, in a new, updated paperback). This one covers Teddy
      presidency, during which we very nearly went to war with Germany (over
      fomented a little revolution in Colombia so we could build our canal in
      Panama, which
      wasn't even a country before our little revolution, liberated Cuba, busted a
      trusts, and generally imposed his amazing will on the whole country.($35

      "Revelations: Alabama's Visionary Folk Artists." Lots of people paid $60 for
      one, but you can get it here for $19.95. This is a coffee table book, with
      beautiful color photographs of the works of lots of Alabama's folk artists.
      this is a great, great buy!

      "Big Noisy Trucks and Diggers." This is a book about big noisy trucks and
      diggers. It
      comes complete with sound effects of very big, noisy trucks and diggers, so
      little boy on your list can hear these things start up, blow their horns,
      doze dirt,
      hammer, demolish, dump, and in at least one instance, back up and clear
      another path!

      "How To Be a Domestic Goddess" by Nigella Lawson, England's cooking phenom.
      Yes, we
      know nobody goes to England for the food, but Nigella whips up some pretty
      good stuff
      (she calls it comfort food), and has lots of fun doing it. You may have seen
      show, "Nigella Bites," which has just begun running here, on the E! network.
      cookbook won for her the title Best Author in England last year....pretty
      amazing for
      a cookbook, no?($35 hardcover)

      Better than the new Guinness Book of Worls Records, we think, is "The Top 10
      Everything 2002" by Russell Ash. Don't get this one unless you don't mind
      constantly saying to you things like, "What are the 10 highest priced
      paintings ever
      sold at auction?," or "What are the 10 fastest birds?" We love this one!

      ....More suggestions in a day or two!

      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      334-265-1473 Voice
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