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FW: Usadeepsouth.com E-Mail Update [Alabama connections]

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  • A.J. Wright
    Two of the newly posted stories have Alabama connections...aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu ... From: webmaster@usadeepsouth.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2001
      Two of the newly posted stories have Alabama connections...aj wright //

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      Subject: Usadeepsouth.com E-Mail Update

      Usadeepsouth.com E-Mail Update

      Greetings from Ye Editor at USADEEPSOUTH. Webseed Publishing is now stable
      once more after suffering dings and bings and horrific crashes. That's what
      we're hoping anyway, for the remodeling job we've had to do at USADS has
      been a major headache. But so much for complaining. 

      We're thankful for our faithful readers and writers, and we welcome all you
      new subscribers.

      At some point in this excellent newsletter an ad will be inserted. Sorry.


      The newly posted stories at USADEEPSOUTH knock my socks off. Hope your
      tootsies will feel a bit chilly also.  Go see!


      SOUTHERN FRIED TURKEY  by Don Drane 

      Holiday cooking! Don Drane shares this blow-by-blow method of cooking the
      best dadgum turkey you'll ever put in your mouth. Print this article off.
      Follow the instructions. Hooo, boy! 


      REBEL WITHOUT THE CLAWS  by Danny McBride 

      Danny McBride, former lead singer and guitarist for "Sha Na Na," shares
      thoughts on his love for country music and the "git-fiddle." How did a
      Yankee boy end up at the Grand Ole Opry? Read on . . . 


      THE COPS FROM MADISON, ALABAMA  by Steven M. Gorelick 

      Steven M. Gorelick of New York City writes: "I do a lot of writing for
      national publications, but I never thought I would write anything about the
      wonderful police of Madison, Alabama." 



      Here's a bit of toy trivia from veteran Mississippi journalist Chris
      Wilson--just in time for "Toy Season." 


      You  by Beverly Carol Lucey 

      Tis time to get serious about the holidays here in the Deep South. Raised in
      the . . . uh . . . North, Miz Beverly Lucey tells about her first southern
      "social outing." 


      SHE WAS SUCH A DEAR  by Charles W. Dowdy 

      Handy with a shovel, eh? Did he plant his abusive mother-in-law in amongst
      the pansies? Talented Mississipppi writer, Charles Dowdy, pens this story
      guaranteed to make you guffaw. (Shall I brag? Charles is Ye Editor's
      adorable son-in-law!) 


      WATERMELON HEAVEN  by Bill Riales 

      Bill Riales, a television news anchorman and investigative reporter in
      Mobile, Alabama, shares this beautiful story about his Mississippi


      OVERCOMING HANDICAPS  by Melba Washington 

      Mississippian Melba Washington writes about her husband Ralph's "attitude of
      gratitude" and how that positive attitude has helped him overcome a handicap
      that no longer appears to be a handicap. Uplifting story! 




      Please visit USADEEPSOUTH.COM soon--one of the best sites on the Net for
      readers, writers, storytellers, travelers, nostalgia buffs, and gossips.
      Send us your stories. 


      Happy Holidays! 

      Beth Jacks 

      Content Editor


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