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      The Supreme Court and State Law Library, Alabama's oldest law
      library, and three county law libraries are now accessible to the public
      via the Internet. The Supreme Court and State Law Library's online
      catalog is now available through the Law Library's web site at
      www.alalinc.net . The catalog also includes the holdings of the
      Jefferson County Law Library, the Elbert Parsons Public Law Library in
      Huntsville and the Montgomery County Law Library, three of Alabama's
      largest public law libraries. Members of the Bar and general public now
      have access from their personal computers to law collections that
      contain both current law books and journals plus a collection of rare
      law materials, including a first edition of Blackstone's Commentaries on
      the Laws of England which strongly influenced early American jurists.

      The Supreme Court and State Law Library, founded in 1828, is a
      public law library dedicated to providing legal information to the
      Judiciary, the Bar, and the people of the State of Alabama. Funding to
      complete this project was provided by an IOLTA [Interest on Lawyers'
      Trust Accounts] grant from the Alabama Bar Foundation. IOLTA grants are
      awarded each March for the following purposes: to provide legal aid to
      the poor; to provide for the administration of justice; to provide law
      related education to the public; and to help maintain public law

      For further information, contact Tim Lewis, Director, Alabama
      Supreme Court and State Law Library, at 1-800-236-4069.
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