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FW: Books and Burritos: Wayne Greenhaw's new book

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      The Capitol Book E-Letter
      Friday October 5, 2001

      A booksigning at a burrito lounge? All will become clear shortly.

      Wayne Greenhaw, one of our favorite writers, and one of the two most
      interesting people we know, has just published a wonderful book about
      his two favorite places. "My Heart Is in the Earth" is a collection of
      Wayne's short pieces about his home state, Alabama, and his spiritual
      home, Mexico.

      There are childhood memories of meeting Hank Williams and George Wallace
      and heartfelt stories of his grandparents and the way life used to be
      in small town Alabama. Also fascinating are the more recent stories-
      did you know Wayne was there when Steve Young wrote "The Seven Bridges
      Road?" It was quite a scandal in the book industry several years ago
      when Forrest Carter, the author of the much beloved "The Education of
      Little Tree" was revealed to be Asa Carter, former klansman and
      speechwriter for George Wallace, and the book, marketed as a biography,
      was revealed to be what it really was: fiction. Here at CB&N we had
      never kept that book on the biography shelf because Wayne had let us in
      on the real story years before. You can read it all here. In 1954,
      Wayne read a magazine story entitled "How to Live in Paradise on $100 a
      Month," which led him to his second love, Mexico, where over the past
      years he has studied writing in San Miguel de Allende, and art,
      and history over the rest of the country. Where he met Jack Kerouac, and
      became fascinated with expatriate William Spratling, and the tortured
      Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

      The juxtaposition of Alabama stories and Mexico stories is
      unusual, to say the least, but not so unusual that we couldn't come up
      with the perfect place for the celebration of the publication of this
      really wonderful book. So join us, and come meet Wayne, THIS SUNDAY,

      We promiseĀ….it will be A LOT of fun.

      $25 hardcover.....if you can't come, but want a copy, you know the
      drill....just let us know and we'll take care of everything.
      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      334-265-1473 Voice
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