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FW: Opening of Carl Elliott House Museum

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  • Brackner, Joey
    Frances Robb asked me to distribute the following press release: Carl Elliott House Museum Opens on July 12 The Carl Elliott House Museum, a new museum
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2001
      Frances Robb asked me to distribute the following press release:

      Carl Elliott House Museum Opens on July 12

      The Carl Elliott House Museum, a new museum honoring Alabama Congressman
      Elliott (1913-1999), will hold its official public opening on July 12. The
      house museum, located at 1700 Birmingham Avenue, Jasper, is owned and
      operated by Bevill State Community College.

      The Elliotts purchased the 1913 bungalow in 1945. Today, after remodeling in

      1951 and 1963, it is still an unpretentious family home. The living room,
      dining room and Elliott's office-have been restored to their appearance in
      the 1960s, when Elliott was at the peak of his congressional career.
      Breakfast room, den and hallways contain photographs and memorabilia. Two
      exhibit areas also tell Elliott's story, and a timeline presents significant

      events in his life and career.

      Elliott, the son of a tenant farmer, Elliott worked his way through the
      University of Alabama, graduating in 1933 and from the University's Law
      School in 1936. He represented the old Seventh District in the U.S. Congress

      from 1949 to 1965. He served on the House Veterans Committee, the Education
      and Labor Committee, and the Rules Committee. He chaired the Select
      for Government Research.

      In 1956, Elliott authored the Library Services Act, which brought
      and library service to millions of rural Americans. In 1958, he co-authored
      the National Defense Education Act, which improved science, foreign language

      and technology education nationwide and provided low-interest loans for
      college and graduate school for needy students. Both laws have been
      more than 30,000,000 loans have been made to students nationwide.

      Elliott campaigned for Alabama governor in 1966, on a platform of federal
      assistance to the needy, better education, and racial tolerance. He lost the

      election to Lurleen Wallace and slipped into political obscurity, practicing

      law, writing books about local history, columns and book reviews for area
      newspapers, and publishing books by local authors. His books include five
      volumes of Annals of Northwest Alabama, a history of Red Bay, and seven
      volumes of histories of coal miners.

      Elliott received new recognition of his achievements in 1990, when he became

      the first recipient of the John F. Kenedy Profile in Courage Award. His
      autobiography, The Cost of Courage. The Journey of An American Congressman,
      was published in 1992, recently reprinted by the University of Alabama

      Prepublic openings will honor the family and dignitaries. A press conference

      will be held at the House on July 10. After the public July 12 opening, The
      Carl Elliott House Museum will be open on Sunday afternoons from two to five

      and by appointment. For more information, call Dr. Betsy Lavanna, Bevill
      State Community College, 800-648-3271, ext. 5270.
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