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      Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001 4:58 PM
      To: Alabama's Literati
      Subject: July Newsletter

      Contents: 1. Welcome
      2. Very Special - SPECIAL ORDERS
      3. Just Arrived
      4. Pat Conroy
      5. Anne George's Last Book & The Rest Of The July Calendar
      >1. Welcome to our first electronic newsletter. Instead of sending only our
      list of author signings, we wanted to add a "head's up" on Alabama's
      literary scene, and let you be among the first to know about hot stuff at
      your humble little BookSense bookstore.
      >2. The HOTTEST news is The Alabama Booksmith has acquired the most
      powerful special order search engine in the book world. No other bookstore
      in the Birmingham area has this baby that allows us to find your book even
      if you can't remember the title or author - and then, in most cases, have it
      here in 24 hours. Please test us on your next special order. For the
      complete story on this "Artificial Intelligence", log on our web site at
      http://www.alabamabooksmith.com, click Why We're Different, and then enter
      Special Order Magic.
      >3. Here are a few fun summer reads that just arrived & are zipping out.
      THE GAMES WE PLAYED is an enchanting collection of personal childhood
      glimpses by 2 dozen writers and public figures as diverse as Tony Earley,
      Rob Reiner, George Plimpton, Bill Clinton, Robert Pinsky and Alabama's own
      Daniel Wallace.
      EX LIBRIS by Anne Fadiman has been our best selling book for the last couple
      of weeks. We hand sell this 162 page $10 gem to every reading addict who
      walks in. If the only book in the room is a Toyota owner's manual would you
      do as Ms. Fadiman and read it - twice? Get the picture? Get Ex Libris.
      DRIVING MR. ALBERT was a huge seller in hardback that has just been released
      in paperback. Thomas Harvey is the 84 year old pathologist who performed the
      autopsy on Einstein, stole his brain and took it across the country in a
      tupperware bowl. This is not a sequel to CRAZY IN ALABAMA. This book is non
      fiction - and so is our most sincere praise.
      BEING DEAD is the only novel in this month's batch, winning the National
      Book Award for author Jim Crace. The haunting story of life, mortality and
      love is compassionate and intellectually provocative.
      THEY HAVE A WORD FOR IT is the most fun of any new book we've found in a
      while (actually just back in print). Open randomly and discover such winning
      words as frotteuer, the French word that means "man who rubs up against
      strangers in crowds". The Friday favorite is feierabend, German for "the
      festive frame of mind at the end of the working day". Our last sample is a
      Sioux word rarely used in Tennessee, wistelkiya, which means "sexual
      bashfulness between male and female relatives". We guarantee you'll find
      your new "most used" word in this unique work.
      >4. Pat Conroy is a favorite of Alabama's Literati and his new book, MY
      LOSING SEASON will be out next year. If you just can't wait for a Pat Conroy
      "fix", check out the Commencement Address he delivered to his beloved
      Citadel at http://www.citadel.edu/pao/addresses/conroy.htm. This might be
      Pat's strongest writing yet.
      >5. Our July calendar is loaded, But we'll just give you the bare essentials
      in this newsletter. For author pictures, book covers, and complete
      descriptions, log on our web site at http://www.alabamabooksmith.com and
      check out Coming Events.
      Thursday, July 12
      4:00 - 6:00 PM
      Marlin Barton - DRY WELL
      Many of our region's finest writers have hailed Marlin Barton as the next
      great Southern voice.
      Friday, July 13
      4:00 - 6:00 PM
      Patricia Foster - ALL THE LOST GIRLS
      Patricia Foster's haunting memoir of the relationship between a Southern
      mother and daughter is one of the most talked about books of the season.
      Saturday, July 14
      12:00 - 2:00 PM
      This book chronicles life during and after the Civil War at the site of the
      largest Confederate outpost on foreign soil.
      2:00 - 4:00 PM
      Second Saturday Signing Series
      Marvin Rogers - THE BERMUDA INDENTURE
      A suspense/thriller set in Civil War-era Bermuda, Alabama and New Orleans.
      An accurate picture of Ante-Bellum life in Alabama told through 160 year
      old letters.
      Sunday, July 15
      2:00 - 5:00 PM
      Anne George's Family - MURDER BOOGIES WITH ELVIS
      Anne's entire family, including "Mary Alice" will help us celebrate the
      arrival of her last book.
      Friday, July 20
      4:00 - 6:00 PM
      Margaret Armbrester - ALABAMA GOVERNORS
      & Samuel Webb
      New biographies of every chief executive from early territorial beginnings
      to the present.
      Wednesday, July 25
      4:00 - 6:00 PM
      Starr Smith - SOUTHERN SCENES
      An extraordinary travel book featuring the South's most beloved sites.
      Check out the details at http://www.alabamabooksmith.com for all these
      We are your BookSense bookstore where you can buy and redeem gift
      certificates used at outstanding independent BookSense bookstores in all 50
      states. Pick up your free BookSense flyer with 76 wonderful new books
      recommended by America's REAL booksellers.
      The Alabama Booksmith
      2626 19th Place
      Homewood, AL 35209
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      after each mailing. If you wish to be removed, please reply. Likewise,
      please forward to good reading friends. Your e-mail address is kept
      absolutely confidential. We will NEVER, EVER sell or loan this list to
      anyone under any circumstances. Lastly, if you received this by forward
      from a friend and would like to join Alabama's literati, please request
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