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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 27-29 June 2001 & BONUS Link s/Info

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi..aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu **Author returns for book signings http://www.al.com/news/mobile/?Jun2001/29-a376421a.html Mobile Register 29 June 2001
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2001
      fyi..aj wright // ajwright@...

      **Author returns for book signings
      Mobile Register 29 June 2001

      **Shelby wants U.S. to give $2 million more for Vulcan
      Birmingham News 29 June 2001

      **Salesman's skills with cars helped many charities
      Jack Stacey dies; had spent 50 years in auto business
      Huntsville Times 28 June 2001

      **Film panel proposed to entice Hollywood
      Birmingham News 27 June 2001

      **Marvels once in a league of their own [Bessemer Marvels, baseball, 1912]
      Birmingham News 27 June 2001

      **Thailand issues are among stamp collector's top picks
      Birmingham News 27 June 2001

      **1880 Red House revamped into a gateway to the past [Leeds]
      Birmingham News 27 June 2001

      **City Council approves rules for Leeds historic district
      Birmingham News 27 June 2001

      **1957 June 27- Hurricane Audrey strengthened rapidly just before landfall
      on the
      Gulf Coast near Cameron LA on the Texas/Louisiana border. The storm's
      central pressure dropped from 973 to 930 millibars in just 5 hours. Winds
      reached 150 mph. The hurricane generated a storm surge of at least 12 feet
      above normal. 390 people died in Louisiana (127 of them unidentified) with
      another 192 were reported missing. The loss of life was the greatest in the
      United States since the 1938 Hurricane in New England. Areas as far as 25
      miles inland were inundated by the storm tides. As much as percent of the
      homes in the area from Cameron to Grand Cheniere, Louisiana were destroyed
      or floated off their foundations. A brick courthouse and cement block
      icehouse was the only structures standing in Cameron after the hurricane.
      Just 4 buildings were left standing in Crede. A 78 ton fishing boat was
      tossed up and onto an offshore oil drilling platform. 14 people were injured

      in tornadoes in Alabama after landfall. $130 million in damage resulted from

      the hurricane. Citizens brought an unsuccessful lawsuit against the U.S.
      Weather Bureau for not warning them properly, since forecasts the night
      before were for a much weaker and slower moving hurricane.
      FROM: The Weather Notebook ABC 33/40 Bham <matt@...>

      The Library of Congress has approved a proposal from the Auburn University
      Center for the Arts and Humanities for the creation of an Alabama Center for
      the Book as the 42nd state center affiliate. The center will focus on
      disseminating information about the programs of its partner organizations
      and promoting existing projects. Partners will include the Alabama Public
      Library Service, the Alabama Humanities Foundation, the Alabama State
      Council on the Arts, the Alabama Writers' Forum, other universities and
      colleges, and humanities, literacy, book arts, creative writing, and
      literary groups throughout the state. See page 3 for contact information.
      Contact Jay Lamar, coordinator, Alabama Center for the Book, Pebble Hill,
      Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36843; phone: 334-844- 4947; fax:
      334-844-4949; e-mail:lamarja@...

      **BONUS Links

      *Helen Keller Remembered
      This weekend is the big Helen Keller Festival in Tuscumbia. You can see "The
      Miracle Worker" performed on the grounds of Ivy Green, Helen's birthplace,
      every weekend in June and July.

      *Alabama Agricultural Museum
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