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FW: 10 year wait ends: first bk by Bart Barton

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      The Capitol Book E-Letter
      Thursday June 14, 2001

      Today's Contents:
      1. They're here!
      2. Frankly, my dear....

      The Email We've Always Wanted to Send

      Guess what came in late yesterday afternoon? Ok, don't guess....we'll just
      tell you. It's "THE DRY WELL," the first book by "our" Bart Barton, who used
      to work for us many years ago until he gave up that minimum wage job to
      pursue his dream of writing, and now he has really done it! This book is a
      collection of 12 of Bart's best stories, all loosely connected, and all set
      in rural Alabama over the past 100 years or so, and mostly revolving around
      one family, the Andersons.

      All of these stories have been previously published in some of the leading
      literary journals, and several of them have won big awards, like the Andrew
      Lytle Prize, and the O. Henry Award. It's all good stuff, and we could not
      be prouder to see this book be published if we'd written it ourselves. It's
      here now, and Bart himself will be at the store on Thursday, June 28, from
      5-7 PM for a booksigning. (Hardcover, $24.95) (Maybe you could ask him then
      about the novel he's working on, and has already sold!)


      The most famous book of the year also came in, unexpectedly, yesterday.
      It's the parody of Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind," only this one
      is known as "The Wind Done Gone," and if you have even the slightest
      interest in this type of thing you already know more about it than we could
      tell you. Except this: it's here, and it's legal right now, though we
      understand the Mitchell estate folks still intend to fight it. (Hardcover,

      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      334-265-1473 Voice
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