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FW: Southern Historian Spring 2001 Issue

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Subject: Southern Historian

      The University of Alabama is pleased to announce publication of the
      Spring 2001 Southern Historian


      "The Principle of Liberation: Henry P. Moore's Civil War Photographs of

      African Americans"

      Michelle Lamunihre, Boston University

      "From the Cotton Field to the Great Waterway: African Americans and the
      Muscle Shoals Project during World War I"

      Victoria Ott, University of Tennessee

      "Something Lost: The Black Farmer and the Alabama Cooperative Extension
      Service Before, During, and After Integration"

      T. Robert Hart, University of Alabama

      "Proud to Lend My Name and Whatever Strength I Have: U.S. Senator Carter

      Glass and World War II Interventionism"

      Christopher John Bright, The George Washington University

      This issue also includes fifty book reviews on the latest historical

      Southern Historian is an annual journal of southern history and culture
      edited and produced entirely by graduate student from the United States,

      Europe, and Canada. Contributions are welcome from active graduate
      students. For further information please visit our web site at

      To order a copy of the journal
      email: southern.historian@...

      or mail $7.50 to
      Southern Historian
      The University of Alabama
      Box 870212
      Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0212
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