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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi...I am forwarding this message with permission from Ms. Parker, who originally sent it to the AL-MOBILEBAY-L@rootsweb.com discussion list... I might note
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2001
      fyi...I am forwarding this message with permission from Ms. Parker, who
      originally sent it to the AL-MOBILEBAY-L@... discussion list...

      I might note here that a large number of Alabama-related lists are based at
      Rootsweb, the huge genealogical web resource...a listing can be found at


      --aj wright // ajwright@...

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      From: Eugenia Parker [mailto:GENGEN1@...]
      Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2001 2:30 PM
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      A few weeks ago a request was given to list the names of the original
      founders of Old Mobile (Twenty-seven Mile Bluff). The list provided by the
      Founders of Old Mobile Society is as follows:

      Alexandre, Vincent, dit Chenet married Marie-Anne Preau

      Alexandre, Jean-Baptiste married Marie-Marguerite Dufresne

      Allain, Pierre married Marie-Catherine Philippe

      Babin, dit La Source, Pierre married Francoise -Angélique Jallot

      Barraud, Valentin married Hippolyte Mercier

      Baudreau, dit Graveline, Jean-Baptiste married Suzanne, Magdalene (an
      Indian) Marthe La Vergne

      Baudreau, dit Graveline, Gabriel married Catherine Fortier August 15, 1701

      Bodin, dit Mirogouine, Nicolas married Francoise Paillet

      Bon, Jean married Anne Prevost

      Bourbonnois, Jean married Marie-Elizabeth

      Boutin, Guillaume married Louise-Marguerite Housseau

      Boyer, René married Marie-Catherine Cristophe

      Brossard, Pierre married Marie-Thérèse Brochon

      Bruslée, Antoine married Martha Fremont

      Burelle, Étienne married Marguerite Rousseau

      Carrière, André married 1719 Marie-Marguerite Arlut

      Carrière, Francois married April 29, 1718 Francoise Jallot

      Carrière, dit Malozé, Jacques married February 2, 1716 Marie-Francoise Babin

      Carrière, Joseph married Margquerite Trepanier

      Charland, Claude, dit Francoeur

      Charli, Pierre, married his own Indian slave

      Carpentier, dit Le Breton, Sebastian married Elizabeth Bret

      Chauvin, dit Léry, Joseph married Hypolite Mercier, widow of Barraud

      Chauvin, dit Mondon, Jacques, married Marie-Anne de La Vergne

      Chauvin, dit La Fresnière, Nicolas married Marguerite Le Sueur

      Closquinet, Laurent, married Catherine de Montois

      Colon, Jean-Baptiste married Marguerite Preau

      Colon, dit La Violette, Jean, married Catherine Expakinoea or Expakinovea -

      Dartagiuette d'Iron, Benard married Francoise-Félicie Rivière

      Dartaguiette d'Iron, Jean-Baptiste Martin married July 5, 1729
      Marie-Victoire Guillard de La Vacherie

      Danti, dit L'Auvergne, Michel, married Marie-Anne Chantelier

      Dardenne, Gilbert, married Marguerite Burelle

      Derbanne, Francois married Jeanne de La Grande Terre, a slave

      Desjordy-Moreau de Cabanac Francois married 1. Anne Nolan and 2.
      Louise-Catherine Robineau

      Doucin, M., married Marie Rendeau

      Drapeau, Zacherie married Marie Anne Preau

      Dumont, Charles

      Depré, Francois married Marie-Magdelaine Ouanet

      Durbois, Denis, married Francoise Marin

      Favre, Jean-Baptiste married l. Marie-Madelaine Mérienne July 2, 1714 and 2.
      Marie-Anne d'Arleu

      Guillory, Francois married Jeanne Montfort

      Guyon des Pres d'Erbanne, Francois married Jeanne de la Grande Terre, a

      Hervieux, Jean-Baptiste married Anne-Marie Preaux

      Hubert, dit Bellaire, Ignace Barbe-Thérèse

      Huché Marc-Antoine, married Mauciette Quervegan

      Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne de married October 8, 1693 Marie-Thérèse Doulet
      de La Combe-Pocatière

      Joussette, dit La Loire, jean-Baptiste married Marie-Anne Nadeau

      Juchereau, Jean-Baptiste married Marie Marienne

      Juchereau de St. Denys, Louis married Marria Emmanuela Sánchez de Navarra

      La Croix, dit Grimauld, Jean-Baptiste married Angélique Drouin

      LaSalle, Nicolas de, married 1. (?) and 2. Jeanne-Catherine de Berenhardt

      Laurendine, Pierre married Marie-Anne Fourchert

      Le Boeuf, René married Marguerite, Tensa

      La Caën, Jean, married 1. Magdelaine Robert and 2. Marie-Magdelaine Mérianne
      de La Solaye May 19, 1708

      Le Comte, Jacques, married Jeanne de Kerrourete

      Lemay, dit Poudrier, Francois-Zavier married Angela Orsseau

      Le Moyne de Sérigny, Joseph

      Le Moine, Marie married February 5, 1721 Jacques Larcheveau

      Le Sueur, Pierre-Charles married Marguerite Messier March 29, 1690

      Louis, Jean married Jeanne de La Crux

      Marest du Puis, Jean married Marie du Vau

      Minuity, Jean-Louis married Jeanne-L'Ecrue

      Morel de La Durantaye, Louis-Joseph married Elizabeth Carter

      Olivier, dit Joly, Robert married Marie-Anne d'Arnelle

      Parent, Claude married Catherine Cristophe

      Payen de Noyan, Pierre-Jacques married Jeanne-Catheine Le Moyne de Longueuil
      December 8, 1694

      Preau, Jean married Anne Prevost July 16, 1685

      Pénigualt, André-Joseph married Marie-Marguerite Catherine Prévost

      Poupart, Joseph dit Le Fleur married Marie Roy after 1711

      Renaud, André maried Marie-Therese Clement

      Rivard de Lavigne, Antoine married Marie Briard

      Robinard, Charles married Marie Ougeunarde

      Rochon, Charles married Henriette Colon

      Raisseau, Allain married Marie Philippe

      Roy, Jean-Baptiste married Renée Gilbert

      Saucier, Jean-Baptist married Gabrielle Savary

      Simon, dit La Pointe, Joseph married Marie Foucoult

      Talon, Robert married Jeanne Preau

      Trepanier, Claude married Geneviève Burelle

      Trudeau, Francois married Jeanne-Marie Burelle

      Vifvareine, Pierre married Gabrielle Savary, wid. Saucier

      A web-site is under construction for the Founders of Old Mobile Society at
      http://www.foundersofoldmobile.com It is not fully functional at this time
      - check back often to view updates.

      Any questions regarding the names listed above, the society or the web-site
      should be directed to:

      Elizabeth Mayrose, President

      Founders of Old Mobile Society

      11 South Monterey Street

      Mobile, AL 36604

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      Source for Family History Online. Go to:
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