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Alabama History/Culture in the News: March 13 & 14

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi...aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu *Murray s South to a Very Old Place still provocative after 30 years
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      fyi...aj wright // ajwright@...

      *Murray's 'South to a Very Old Place' still provocative after 30 years
      Dateline Alabama [University of Alabama] 14 March 2001
      *Confederate groups fight removal of statues
      Birmingham News 13 March 2001
      *Volleyball legend makes Hall of Fame
      Birmingham News 14 March 2001
      *Festival on the Cahaba marks return in Trussville
      Birmingham News 14 March 2001

      *1924 March 13 - A heavy, wet snow fell across north and central Alabama
      causing quite
      a bit of damage. 6.5 inches fell at Birmingham and 1.4 inches fell at
      1993 March 13 - The "Great Blizzard of '93" clobbered the eastern US on this
      day and
      produced perhaps the largest swath of heavy snow ever recorded. Heavy snow
      was driven to the Gulf Coast with 3 inches falling at Mobile, Alabama and up

      to 5 inches reported in the Florida panhandle, the greatest single snowfall
      in the state's history. 13 inches blanketed Birmingham, Alabama to set not
      only a new 24 hour snowfall record for any month, but also set a record for
      maximum snow depth, maximum snow for a single storm, and maximum snow for a
      single month. Tremendous snowfall amounts occurred in the Appalachians.
      Mount Leconte in Tennessee recorded an incredible 60 inches. Mount Mitchell
      in North Carolina was not far behind with 50 inches. Practically every
      official weather station in West Virginia set a new 24 hour record snowfall.

      Further to the north, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania measured 25 inches, Albany,
      New York checked in with 27 inches, and Syracuse, New York was buried under
      43 inches. The major population corridor from Washington, DC to Boston,
      Massachusetts was not spared this time as all the big cities got about a
      foot of snow before a changeover to rain. A rather large amount of
      thunderstorm activity accompanied the heavy snow. Winds to hurricane force
      in gusts were widespread. Boston recorded a gust to 81 mph, the highest wind

      gust at the location since hurricane Edna in 1954. Numerous cities in the
      south and mid Atlantic states recorded their lowest barometric pressure ever

      as the storm bottomed out at 960 millibars (28.35 inches) over Chesapeake
      Bay. 208 people were killed by the storm and total damage was estimated at 6

      billion dollars -- the costliest extratropical storm in history.
      1993 March 14- Storm of the Century roars up the East Coast. Record low
      left in its wake from Texas to Florida to the Great Lakes. record cold
      followed in the wake of the "Blizzard of '93" over the eastern US with 57
      daily record low temperatures broken. Birmingham, Alabama plunged to 2
      degrees, by far breaking its previous march record low of 11 degrees.
      Orlando, Florida recorded 33 degrees to smash its old daily record low by 9
      degrees. It was also the coldest temperature ever recorded for so late in
      the season.

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