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16th bill headed up by FairTax Congressman Steve King

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  • Sam Wright
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      Subject: Please circulate - 16th bill headed up by
      FairTax Congressman Steve King
      Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 21:51:07 -0600

      U.S. Congressman Steve King

      Iowa's Fifth Congressional District

      1432 Longworth House Office Building � Washington, DC

      http://www.house.gov/steveking/ � Phone: (202)
      225-4426 � Fax: (202) 225-3193



      King Bill to Repeal 16th Amendment to Constitution

      WASHINGTON - As W-2s arrive in mailboxes this week,
      U.S. Congressman Steve King has introduced a
      resolution to repeal the 16th Amendment to the
      Constitution, which gives Congress the authority to
      collect income taxes.

      H.J. Res. 16 would eliminate the IRS and the means for
      the government to collect income taxes.

      "The IRS is an out-of-date, trillion-dollar-a-year
      drag on our economy," said King. "Instead of
      continuing to band-aid our complicated, leaking tax
      system year after year, we can choose a permanent
      solution and finally rid Americans of the fat leech
      they feed their paychecks to."

      King has been a long-time supporter of the FairTax, a
      national sales tax placed on goods and services, which
      would replace the income tax.

      H.J. Res. 16 must be approved by two-thirds of both
      the House and Senate, and then sent to the states,
      where three-fourths must ratify the amendment.

      For information on the FairTax, visit www.fairtax.org


      Genie Hayes

      Grassroots and Communications


      1-800-FAIRTAX #137

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