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Watch FairTax-Flat tax debate then vote for your favorite tax plan!

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    Attention all FairTax Supporters! TEA Party Patriots wishes to gauge the grassroots support for the FairTax verses support for the flat tax as the decide
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2011
      Attention all FairTax Supporters!
      TEA Party Patriots wishes to gauge the grassroots support for the FairTax verses support for the flat tax as the decide what policies to push during the next two years.
      There will be a Tax Reform Debate broadcasting live via live streaming from Phoenix Arizona at 12 AM Eastern, 11 AM central, 10 AM Mountain Time, Saturday Feb. 26, 2011. 
      If you cannot attend the debate in Phoenix AZ during the Policy Summit, please register online and participate in the poll.  TEA Party Patriots will be polling registered virtual summit viewers watching the debate via live streaming. 
      Please register at http://www.summit11.org/virtual_summit_registration and watch the debate.  There will be a poll during the debate so please help us make sure FairTax is well represented..  There is a $10 charge to register and participate in the online streaming.  This debate has been long awaited by most FairTax activists and should be worth every penny!

      These are the debate panelists:
      FairTax panel:
      Rob Woodall, US House of Rep. Sponsor of HR 25 (The FairTax Act), Georgia
      Phil Hinson, GFFT, FairTax Nation, Georgia
      Flat tax panel:
      Andrew Moylan, National Taxpayers Union, VP of Government Affairs, Washington, DC
      Dan Mitchell, Cato Institute Washington, DC
      Master of Ceremonies:
      Julianne Thompson, TEA Party Patriots, Georgia
      Debate Moderator:
      Mark Herr, Mid South TEA Party, Tennessee
      All FairTax grass roots leaders are strongly encouraged to forward this request for participation to every FairTax supporter on their contact list.  Also communicate this request via all regular social media outlets.
      Questions? Just ask!
      Marilyn Rickert
      Voice: 708-687-9412
      Cell: 708-227-8542
      Fax: 708-687-4718
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