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Big push over the next 45 days!

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  • Sam Wright
    March 4, 2008 Dear coordinators & volunteers: MFTP County Coordinators & Volunteers: We have a daunting challenge before us. We need to convince 9 million
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      March 4, 2008

      Dear coordinators & volunteers:

      MFTP County Coordinators & Volunteers:

      We have a daunting challenge before us. We need to convince 9
      million people that the Michigan Fair Tax Proposal should replace our
      current tax system. The first step in the process is to gather
      450,000 to 500,000 petition signatures, the second is to persuade
      Michigan citizens to vote in favor of the most far reaching tax
      restructuring this state has experienced since the enactment of the
      Michigan Income Tax in 1967.

      OBJECTIVE: Speak in every municipality in the state of MI in the next
      45 days.

      How to Begin:

      1) Coordinate and divide up the task of listing every Township,
      City, Village and County in your district, DON'T try to do it

      2) Then contact each municipality and ask if you could have 10
      minutes to talk about the MFTP ballot initiative and ask how many
      people regularly attend. Some will put you on the agenda and give
      you the time, while others will limit the amount of time that you
      talk and/or allow you to speak during the public comment period.
      Whatever they say, thank them very much and tell them you will be

      How to Prepare:

      1) Read the documents which are linked below. Call or email us
      if you have any questions. 586-871-7147 info@...

      2) Make enough copies for those who regularly attend and at
      least 10 or more extra.

      3) Practice out loud over and over the 5/10 min presentation &
      Gaur/Rev/Sharing Handout.

      4) Invite other MFTP supporters to the meetings to help you
      during and after. If you know local officials who support the MFTP
      ask if they will make the presentation or at least say something
      positive at the meeting and to their peers.

      5) Don't forget to bring a lot of petitions and the Talking
      Points and Dos & Don'ts Handout. Your goal is not only to get
      signatures, but to get petition gatherers.

      At Meetings:

      1) Make sure you give Handouts to the reporters, and be prepared
      to give them some quotes.

      2) If they ask you questions and you can't answer, do your best
      and simply tell them you will get the answer for them. You can also
      refer them to the web site www.mifairtax.org .

      3) I suggest you simply read the outline and Guaranteed Revenue
      Sharing Pieces. Don't ad-lib it will only get you in trouble.

      4) If you have 10 minute or more read both sheets. If you have
      less time read the 7 points and the Guaranteed Revenue Sharing
      sheet. The local officials will be most interested in the guaranteed
      revenue sharing.

      5) Before you finish speaking, ask them to pass a resolution
      endorsing the MFTP or at least supporting the concept.

      6) Finish by thanking them for the opportunity to speak and tell
      everyone you have petitions they can sign or take to get signatures.

      7) At the close of the meeting you and your helpers should talk
      to the local officials especially those who are smiling and nodding
      their heads and seem to agree with what you are saying. Ask them to
      collect signatures.


      Below are links to some key documents that describe our proposal and
      can help others understand the MI FairTax. Please send this message
      to your e-mail contact lists. That is one of the best ways to put it
      in the hands of people who might not otherwise have the opportunity
      to hear about it. They will read it because it came from you.

      1. MI FairTax Proposal

      2. Michigan Business Tax (MBT)

      3. Revenue Sharing and the business Personal Property Tax

      4. MI FairTax Impact on Employers

      5. Sign up, Endorsement and Contribution form

      6. Hillsdale Policy Group's MI FairTax economic analysis

      7. Petition Instructions (Talking Points and Do's-Don't's)
      8. Much more information is available at our website:

      Thank you for your support,

      Fulton J. Sheen

      88th District State Representative

      On behalf of the Michigan Fair Tax Proposal Committee

      * Make checks out to "The Michigan Fair Tax Proposal" or "MFTP"

      352 12th St., Suite 5, Plainwell MI 49080

      Credit card contributions can be made at www.mifairtax.org

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