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Fwd: UG News: Processing and Arduino in Tandem--New Course from O'Reilly

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  • Martin Paulo
    Given that we have had talks on Arduino at the JUG, I thought that this might be of interest to some on this list. Martin ... From: Marsee Henon
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2010
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      Given that we have had talks on Arduino at the JUG, I thought that this might be of interest to some on this list.


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      Date: 6 August 2010 04:16

      View in browser: http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1ze512v24821tt1oil3m67j9rgisa3upued4quhb8

      Can you please share this with anyone who might be interested?

      *** Free Online Course from O'Reilly Media, in partnership with creativeLIVE ***

      Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Creating Your Own Digital Art Tools

      Instructor: Joseph Gray
      This course is an online course in partnership with creativeLIVE

      Create your own drawing and animation software-and learn basic programming and electronics skills at the same time. This engaging 5-week online course introduces you to two simple tools: Processing, a programming language for visual thinkers, and Arduino, a hardware platform for working with electronics. You'll learn how to use these tools together to build something useful right away. You'll learn to:

         * Use Processing to create basic software applications
         * Make your own drawing and animation tools
         * Create a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to control your software
         * Use an Arduino to provide physical controls for your drawing and animation tools

      Register Now:
      Price: Free
      5-Week Course: Tues, 8/31 - 9/28
      3:00pm PST - Each 90-120 minutes

      ** Make the most of your course with our exclusive project kit. **

      projBox Kit
      Price: $75
      Add to cart:

      The projBox Kit contains everything you need to follow along with Processing and Arduino in Tandem. The kit, which requires no soldering, is ideal for beginners in electronics and physical computing. The projBox Kit contains:

         * projBox
         * Arduino Duemilanove
         * Electronics Breadboard
         * 4 10k potentiometers
         * 4 SPST switches
         * 4 LEDs
         * USB cable
         * Wires

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