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MelbJVM Wednesday July 3rd - Android 101 Hi Everyone This Wednesday we have an intro to Android development followed by a small hack session where we will get to play with an app. (Please bring your
Kon Soulianidis
Jul 1, 2013
Reminder: MelbJVM Tonight! Hi All A quick reminder that MelbJVM is on tonight. David Pearce presenting on the Whiley programming language
Kon Soulianidis
Jun 4, 2013
Intro to Clojure Workshop Discount for MelbJVM members Hello fellow virtual machinists, The YOW organisers are running an Introduction to Clojure 2-day workshop in Melbourne. Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st - This ties
Kon Soulianidis
May 3, 2013
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Fwd: [jug-leaders] [5 Days Left] 2013 JavaOne San Francisco CfP Hi All, Sorry for the late notice, but if you are interested in speaking at this years JavaOne, Oracle have their CfP. Closes very very soon so get in quick.
Kon Soulianidis
Apr 8, 2013
Reminder Tomorrows Meetup Hi Everyone Just a reminder we have tomorrows meetup on Spring Data. 6.30pm at Peoplebank. Register here: http://meetu.ps/xQQtK Thanks Kon
Kon Soulianidis
Apr 1, 2013
Next MelbJVM meetup: 23-Jan-2013 at Horse Bazaar Hi everyone! Don't forget, this week we are having our first MelbJVM meetup this year, back where we kicked off last year at Horse Bazaar. If you're free to
Tass Sinclair
Jan 20, 2013
Next MelbJVM meetup: 05-Dec-2012 at Peoplebank Hi everyone! In case you haven't been glued to Meetup, here are some details about tomorrow's MelbJVM meetup (MelbJVM #10) When: 5-Dec-2012, aim to arrive at
Dec 4, 2012
Reminder: MelbJVM tomorrow Hi Everyone, Quick reminder about tomorrow's developer day and subsequent meetup. Hopefully I'll get to see a lot of you at Cliftons for the developer day.
Kon Soulianidis
Nov 12, 2012
Java Night-hacking tour in Europe Hey MelbJVM'ers, @steveonjava has embarked on a motorcycle trip around Europe talking to some well established Java dignitaries in a variety of cities. He's
Kon Soulianidis
Nov 6, 2012
REMINDER: November MelbJVM is *NEXT* Wednesday - 14th November 5.30p Hi Everyone, Hope you made the most out of our unique Aussie day off. A reminder that our regular JVM meetup will be **next week** instead of tomorrow. This is
Kon Soulianidis
Nov 6, 2012
Identity & Access Management User Group Meeting. Hi All, Kon at one of the JVM meet ups, mentioned that there was an IDM user group that was starting up. Below are the details. Group: Identity and Access
Oct 17, 2012
Photographer request for October meetup Hi All Andrew Hamilton who normally helps with taking photos of the group and getting them on meetup.com (as well as other organising things) will be away this
Kon Soulianidis
Oct 1, 2012
Reminder: October MelbJVM tomorrow Hi All A quick reminder that tomorrow is our next MelbJVM once again at Peoplebank. You can register here (helps for catering)
Kon Soulianidis
Oct 1, 2012
Info for tonights MelbJVM meeting Hi All Tonights MelbJVM looks to be huge, with a large attendance and a few new faces. I'm going to repeat some info here mainly for the benefit of those
Kon Soulianidis
Jul 31, 2012
How to open source a project at Mega Corp Hi All, Thought I'd share an interesting presentation I came across about considerations when open sourcing projects.
Kon Soulianidis
Jul 29, 2012
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Next MelbJVM meetup: 01-Aug-2012 at Peoplebank Hi all! Have you signed up to attend the MelbJVM #6 meetup? If you have not yet looked into it, and would be interested in attending, here's what you need to
Jul 26, 2012
Jug participation in Portofino 4 preview evaluation Hi, my name is Giampiero Granatella, I am a member of the JUG Genova (Italy) and I work at ManyDesigns (http://www.manydesigns.com
Jul 24, 2012
Project Jigsaw: Late for the train Hi fellow MelbJVMers Looks like Project Jigsaw, the modularity feature due for Java 8 is being proposed to be delayed yet again. Mark Reinhold from Oracle is
Kon Soulianidis
Jul 17, 2012
Dukes Choice Award Hi All, Duke's Choice Awards happen at Java One each year. FYI, this year there is a community choice vote. Anyone in the community is welcome to cast a vote
Kon Soulianidis
Jul 15, 2012
Gradle Talk Hi All Last meetup I mentioned an intro talk on Gradle. Its by Luke Darcy who is a developer at Gradleware presenting at the London Java Community
Kon Soulianidis
Jul 8, 2012
Re: A testing question... I use the Spring test runner to inject different spring xml files. This means you need to limit includes and bring all files together in the
Jul 5, 2012
Re: A testing question... The looks are indeed set by a property, read at start up. I have 'inherited' the application, and the current design is such that the look and feel can only be
Martin Paulo
Jul 5, 2012
Re: A testing question... Martin, How are your look and feels configured? Could you just adjust a runtime property to "swap in" the new look? We have feature toggles around components
Steve Mactaggart
Jul 5, 2012
A testing question... Hi all If you have a Spring injected web application in a Maven based project, and you want to run integration tests against two different look and feels
Martin Paulo
Jul 5, 2012
Fwd: Tell your Java story! Hi All I know between us, our group consists of some Java stories, some going back further than when Java was called Oak. Perhaps you would like to tell yours
Kon Soulianidis
Jun 26, 2012
Fwd: [jug-leaders] Public JCP Executive Committee meeting next Tuesd Hi All If you haven't been too familiar with what's been going on in the JCP over the last few years, there has been an effort to get the community more
Kon Soulianidis
Jun 24, 2012
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Voting - JAX Awards Hi The JAX Innovation Awards "recognise and reward the people, companies and technologies offering the most value in terms of innovation and positive input to
Kon Soulianidis
Jun 2, 2012
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Leap - gesture control Hi All, This is the gesture control system we are discussing right now with Angela.
Robert Mark Bram
May 31, 2012
Re: Oracle Dev Day - JavaFX presentation / workshop Thank you so much for arranging this Kon! I would like to see option 1, maybe 1/2 hr after Dev day finishes so I can get to venue etc. Rob ... -- Rob ...
Robert Mark Bram
May 21, 2012
Oracle Dev Day - JavaFX presentation / workshop Hi All, For those not on the meetup group site, below are details of an upcoming interim meetup. *Exact time and venue still be determined but it should be
Kon Soulianidis
May 21, 2012
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