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Re: Ajile source & Import function logic

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  • mmrdka
    Ok - thank you very much for your support. I m trying to do everything in OO style using Prototype library and your Ajile - I ll do that in Java style...I ll
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2006
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      Ok - thank you very much for your support. I'm trying to do everything
      in OO style using Prototype library and your Ajile - I'll do that in
      Java style...I'll define a Main() function which will act as an entry
      point for whole project.

      Copyright: If somebody steals your code, it's illegal and you can
      ofcourse pursue him. If you don't have enough resources, FSF (Free
      Software Foundation) offers assitance for copyright owners of GPL
      licences(you). More info here:

      I think licensing (for projects such as this) is for developers, not
      for users. So if you write a comment, I think it's all you have to do,
      but if you change the statusbar on every site using your library (user
      sites,corporate sites,...), it actually doesn't look very well (from
      user's point).

      There will be always bad+dumb people and you can pursue them, because
      you are the owner of the code. If you don't, your license is useless.

      I'm currently working on a really big project - I can't sleep very
      well - I must develop.
      At first it will be a commercial thing, because I need some money to
      live, but I will release parts of it as opensource (I can't release
      whole project as opensource, because of security issues and
      corporations such as Microsoft(=destructive competition). So when I
      earn my first money, I will donate you ;-) projects such as Prototype
      and Ajile are very helpful and people making them are helpful for
      every developer and software expert, so these experts should pay them
      for their 'free work' and I will do that as soon as it's possible.

      Have a nice day and thank you again!
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