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137Re: Modifing Object.prototype kills ajile

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  • iskitzdev
    Jul 3, 2007
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      Thanks for the feedback. I recognize the error you're talking about but
      it's a bit strange that it's still happening.

      The code you see traversing Object.prototype is there to defend against
      Object.prototype changes. The associative arrays created and used within
      Ajile can be affected by external changes to Object.prototype, so I
      intentionally wrote code to distinguish between external changes and
      what was intended to be there.

      For some reason it looks like external changes to Object.prototype are
      still able to pollute Ajile's internal associative arrays so I'll have
      to spend some time tracking and fixing that. Hopefully it'll be quick,
      I'll let you know what I find.

      Thanks for the heads up. Glad you find it useful.


      --- In ajile@yahoogroups.com, "fawkyoou" <good.midget@...> wrote:
      > Hey Michael,
      > Great work on Ajile. Love it!
      > Found what could be considered a bug... When modifying or adding
      > methods to Object it causes Ajile to throw errors.
      > "supporters.getAll is not a function"
      > When switching to use com.iskitz.ajile.0.7.9.src.js the error is
      > triggered @ line 1001. After a cursory inspection, it appears that
      > is traversing through [Object].prototype to find members for what I'm
      > assuming is some dependency logic?
      > Here's a quick sample of offending code that will cause the error...
      > Object.prototype.inherits = function(obj) {
      > for (var property in obj)
      > {
      > this.prototype[property] = obj[property];
      > }
      > }
      > The following code eliminates the errors but is not a very good
      > solution. It seems to prevent Ajile from generating short names for
      > classes on Import (i.e. com.iskitz.ajile becoming simply ajile). For
      > this is acceptable behavior as I intend to enforce a strict policy of
      > always using the fully qualified namespace when addressing classes.
      > However, it may be less than ideal for other users.
      > Object.prototype.getAll = function () {
      > try{
      > return members;
      > } catch(e) {
      > return {};
      > }
      > };
      > I had considered diving a bit deeper into your source, but I feel that
      > it would be more appropriate for you to identify the issue and provide
      > patched release to the world than to give you some hacked code that
      > not be inline with your intentions for Ajile.
      > Thanks so much!
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