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975Re: [aismon] turkish fishing boats

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  • öZgür Ökten
    Feb 18, 2014
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      It's forbidden to see fishing boats each other on AIS transponders.
      Also sharing AIS datas on internet is forbidden in Turkey.

      Using internet and marinetraffic datas is not relaible.

      You can use any simple AIS receiver for seeing other fishing boats on your boat. There is no restriction.

      öZgür (Mobil)

      18 Şub 2014 07:55 tarihinde <ssb_radyo@...> yazdı:

      Turkey in the fight against illegal fishing'm a member of a group. Er to follow fishing vessels (ais devices most of the time they're closing) a part of our activity. If the current application works efficiently will be a cheaper solution for us. 
      Download and install the program yet but from piss to share, and thank those who have contributed.
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