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955RE: [aismon] Re: Some data is missing

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  • walter runck
    Jul 19, 2013



      It appears that you’re looking at the dynamic navigational data (MMSI, location, speed, heading) which is transmitted much more often than the static data (MMSI, ship name, destination, etc).  When a ship icon changes from yellow to green, it means that a static sentence has been received that fully populates the AIS target info.


      If you right click on a green icon and hit “Target Query”, you should get all of the static stuff, at least whatever they’re broadcasting.  Some ships are more meticulous than others in currency and accuracy of this data.




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      Wlad, thanks for your answer.
      Even if I rightclick, I only see some of the data. I hardly get the name of the vessel, not to think about the dimensions. The last two days I was travelling from Italy to Greece and only in two cases I got the name. Strange...

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      > Michael,
      > OpenCPN main screen provide basic information about AIS targets, useful for navigation. If You want more, rightclick and choose AIS target list, then for specific target press Target Info.
      > Regards, Wlad

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