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10794NextGen ADS-B for AWES Use

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  • dave santos
    Jan 5, 2014
      AWES will operate in NextGen airspace by means of UAT-based ADS-B technology. This will enable energy kites to launch and land with minimal impact and risk to other air traffic, and help perform the sense-and-avoid FAA requirement.

      The main AWES-specific research issue is how to delineate long kitelines as NextGen trajectories; how best to generate the data, for example, either by multiple UATs along the lines, which seems like overkill, or some simpler cheaper estimation method, or local sensor network along the lines.

      While the technology is satellite navigation based, jamming the sat (or UAT beacon) signal or other hardware-software failure would only force a low-complexity self-stable AWES to land normally (as opposed to unstable aerobatic AWES proposed to depend on GNSS (GPS) for attitude control). Spoofing might still be an issue, as UTexas AE has warned.

      kPower has submitted a proposal to partner in NextGen integration research with TAMUCC, the FAA designated UAS airspace testing institution along the Texas Coastal Bend area. Partners from the wider AWE community are invited to join the effort.

      The following link is to ADS-B Technologies, a leader in the field. The website provides good background info. Note the ready availability of small reasonably-priced UAT beacons suited for experimentation-

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