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10674RE: Geoengineering with Megascale GeoFlow-Deflectors

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  • roderickjosephread
    Nov 25 6:09 AM

      AWE as an architecture for tidying oceanic gyres is a fantastic concept.

      We want a large kite to dredge plastics in a dragnet without being taken by ocean currents.

      I'd assume an arch going downwind with feet being held spread out by a suitably opposing water foils (as per dragnet opener). 

      Current acting on the net needs to impart less drag than the kite. So the net will probably be small and porous compared to kite.

      Net would probably also be suspended from kite bridling instead of feet and water foils. so as to avoid excess line drag through plastic debris.

      you mentioned that

      As a default, the deflector should self-kill in a fail-soft mode

      In this case

      It may also help if when the bag is "full" it is drawstrung / and or / the kite autozeniths or auto kills.

      Is a net bag of plastic rubbish going to cause more harm than free floating plastic as the contents are now forced to smash into and further degrade each other? should the bag be recovered, beached or sunk?


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