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  • Considering the recent interest in "Semantic Web", as a part of the SOA course, the students are discussing the "Semantic Web Vs Artificial Intelligence". In "The Semantic Web Primer" book author's arguements are based on 'Partial solution' and 'need of human intelligence'. We would like you know the viewpoint of AIMA authors, and thier thoughts on compare/contrast of these two...
    Sorathia Vikram Mar 16, 2007
  • HI, I wish you all a Very Happy Diwali. I am a Ph D student, interested in application AI (Expert Systems) and GIS in Disaster management. I have considerably good experience in GIS Image processing and environmental planning type of things, but I am quite novice as far as Expert Systems building tools are concerned. I am right now trying to use Visual Prolog 5.2 and Matlab 6. I am...
    Sorathia Vikram Nov 4, 2002