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Re: The Oracle(TM) NetBeans Java IDE for the AIMA code

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  • naraic_oreilly
    Hi Antti, I m afraid I m not overly familiar with the Netbeans IDE, however, the following article may help:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 29, 2012
      Hi Antti,

      I'm afraid I'm not overly familiar with the Netbeans IDE, however, the following article may help:


      which tells you how to import a projects using ant build.xml files, which are included in the download .zip file. You only need to import (in this order) the 3 projects:


      to work with them within the Netbeans IDE (its been about a year since I tried this, so may not work with latest release). I've no plans currently to add detailed instructions for Netbeans but have added an Issue:


      to track your request, should the opportunity arise down the road to do so. I hope the above helps.



      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, Antti Ylikoski <antti.ylikoski@...> wrote:
      > In the context of the AIMA Java code at the AIMA site, there are there
      > the instructions how to import the Java code into the Eclipse IDE.
      > I have found that this indeed greatly helps in delving into the code.
      > There exists there another very well-known Java Integrated Development
      > Environment, namely the NetBeans, which can be downloaded from the
      > site
      > http://www.netbeans.org
      > The Eclipse is being supported by the Eclipse foundation, whereas the
      > NetBeans are being developed and supported by Oracle(TM) who are the
      > current custodians of the Java technology. I'm under the impression
      > that many Java developers prefer the NetBeans -- and after looking at
      > them both, I must say that I personally and subjectively like the
      > NetBeans better.
      > I feel that it would be beneficial to the AIMA community to get the
      > instructions how to utilize the NetBeans together with the AIMA Java
      > code into the AIMA site instructions.
      > regards, Antti J Ylikoski
      > Helsinki, Finland, the E.U.
      > http://www.hut.fi/~ajy/
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