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Intelligent Koran Unification

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  • ramzi_kam
    Intelligent Koran Unification & the Search for the Invariants The Intelligent Unification of the Koran s Natural & Artificial Scripture & the Search for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2005
      Intelligent Koran Unification
      & the Search for the Invariants

      The Intelligent Unification of the Koran's Natural & Artificial
      & the Search for the Invariants of Unification.

      Dear Members of aima-talk

      I would like to attract your attention that

      [1] The Koran natural scripture can be mapped into Artificial
      [2] The artificial scripture is a structured WORD in Formal Language
      [3] The Koran natural and artificial scripture are UNIFIABLE as ONE
      [4] The brain Neo-Cortex is structured into 6 levels.
      [5] There are 6 levels of unifying the Koran verses in the brain neo-
      [6] At each level there is the INVARIANT WORD.
      [7] The LOGICAL INVARIANTS of the Koran are being searched for.

      Please, if you like to get an idea about this subject, here is an

      Beyond the Quran: a String of Artificial Revelations Q =

      The Natural Scripture of the Standard Koran is:

      [1] Graphical.
      [2] Structured.
      [3] Ordered.
      [4] Rhythmic (Recited according to Specific Rules).

      30 Artificial Words in the Koran

      The natural scripture contains 30 WORDS, such as {alm …s, q, n} that
      do NOT exist in the natural language dictionary. They belong to the
      artificial language dictionary.

      Mapping the Koran's Natural Scripture Using the Map Keys

      These 30 words are artificial, and are used as MAP KEYS to map the
      natural verses into artificial verses, which are WORDS in the Theory
      of Artificial Languages, Finites State Automata, and Formal

      Chapter 068 contains the map key {ä}
      The MORPHISIM MAPPING is applied on it:

      W= f(a.b.c...z) = f(a).f(b).f(c)...f(z)

      As an Example:
      W = (natural verse)
      = f (nwalqlmwmaystrwn)
      = f (n w a l q l m w m a y s t r w n)
      = f(n).f(w).f(a).f(l).f(q).f(a).f(l).f(m).f(w).f(m).f(a).f(y).f(s).f

      f: A* ----> {b, a}* : f= {n if letter = n else c}
      We get the artificial verses:

      W (68,00) = ccccccccccccncccccc = c^12 n c^6
      W (68,01) = nccccccccccccccn = n c^14 n
      W (68,52) = cccccccccccccccccc = c^17 n

      The Quran Artificial Scripture as a Word in the Monoid A

      We write these finite artificial words as ONE-WORD in the Monoid A
      (A*,. , 1)

      W = (W0.W1...W52) = (W0). (W1)... (W52)

      A = {c, n} = the group of the Chapter (068) artificial symbols.
      A* = the artificial dictionary of the group B
      A* = {1, c, n, cn, ca, ccn, cnc, ncn, nnc ...}
      . = the concatenation operator
      1 = the null word

      We search in Visual and Auditory Intelligence to unify the Quran
      We search in the Computational, Quantum, and Biological String
      Manipulating Systems that will UNIFY these SUB-WORDS into ONE-WORD in
      Intelligence Theory, such as

      W = (W0.W1) = (W0). (W1)
      W = cncccncccccc = (cncc).(cncccccc)

      The Quran Natural Scripture as a Word in the Monoid N

      We write the natural words as ONE-WORD in the Monoid N (N*,. , 1)

      W = (W0.W1...W52) = (W0). (W1)... (W52)

      A = {1, a, b, t, t~, j, h~, k~,..., n ,h , y} = the group of Chapter
      (068) natural symbols.
      A* = the natural dictionary of group A
      . = the concatenation operator
      1 = the null word

      We search also for unifying the natural scripture of the Koran
      And Such as

      (Natural Verse 1) o (Natural Verse 2) = (Natural Verse 1 o Natural
      Verse 2)

      Unifying the Quran Natural & Artificial Scripture

      Intelligence Theory is focused on

      [1] Unifying sub-sequences into ONE SEQUENCE.
      [2] Unifying the NAMES of sequences (the sequences of sequences)
      [2] Manipulating symbols.

      Each natural chapter is studied as ONE-WORD, and the Koran as ONE-WORD
      The Natural Quran scripture is one word in the Monoid N (N*, o, 1)

      (Q) = (Q1 o Q2...Q112 o Q113) = (Q1) o (Q2)... (Q112) o (Q113) Where

      N = the group of the Quran natural symbols
      N* = the artificial dictionary of group N (a group of 16 symbols)
      o = the concatenation operator
      1 = the null word

      Each Artificial chapter is studied as ONE-WORD, and the Koran as ONE-
      The Artificial Quran scripture is one word in the Monoid A (A*, o, 1)

      (Q') = (Q'1 o Q'2...Q'112 o Q'113) = (Q'1) o (Q'2)... (Q'112) o
      (Q'113) Where

      A = the group of the Quran artificial symbols
      A* = the natural dictionary of group A
      o = the concatenation operator
      1 = the null word

      The Structure of Language and Music

      In music

      [1] Notes are composed to form intervals
      [2] Intervals are composed to form melodic phrases
      [3] Phrases are combined to form melodies.

      In Language

      [1] Letters are composed to form syllables
      [2] Syllables are composed to form words
      [3] Words are composed to form clauses.
      [4] Clauses are composed to form Chapters.

      The Definition of Intelligence

      Intelligence is the ability to remember and PREDICT pattern in the
      world, including LANGUAGE. God is absolutely intelligent, therefore
      God PREDICT the future perfectly.
      Prediction is the PROOF of intelligence.
      Intelligence starts as memory system that feed prediction into the
      sensory stream.

      Unified Intelligence Theory

      In the Unified Intelligence Theory:

      (01) ONE BASIC CORTICAL ALGORITHM is applied by all cortical regions.
      (02) All the essential aspects of intelligence occur in the Neo-
      (03) The neo-cortex compute.
      (04) The human Neo-Cortex is structured into six levels of sub-
      (05) The human vision and auditory system MAP sensory information as
      a SEQUENCE.
      (06) Every cortical region attempt to store and recall sequences.
      (07) Sensory sequences travel from lower level to higher level (feed
      forward information)
      (08) At each level the sequences are unified and INVARIANT STRACTURE
      is formed.
      (09) Sequences travel from the higher level to the low level (feed
      back information).
      (10) At each level the sequence is decomposed into more elementary
      (11) Sequence travel through neural MICRCOLUMNS.
      (12) The neo-cortex store sequences in a memory system.
      (13) The cortex hierarchical structure store a MODEL of the
      hierarchical structure of the world.
      (14) The feed-forward and the feed-back sequence are compared to
      PREDICT visual, auditory signals (sensory signals generally).

      The Biggest Challenge in Intelligence Theory: The INVARIANT WORD

      The human brain perceives the world by forming INVARIANT STRUCTURE.
      The biggest mystery in all science is how the cortex forms invariant
      The most powerful supercomputer in the world has been unable to solve
      In language theory unification, THE INVARIANT IS A WORD

      Six Levels of Unifying the Koran in the Neo-Cortex

      [1] Unifying each Koran chapters into one word at six levels.
      (Q1) = (W0 W1 . W2 … W286 . W287) = (W0). (W1). (W2) … (W286). (W287)
      and so on.
      [2] Unifying all the Koran chapters into one word at six levels.
      (Q1 o Q2...Q112 o Q113) = (Q1) o (Q2)... (Q112) o (Q113).
      [3] Unifying the Koran into the sequence of chapter's name (The
      Sequence of sequence).
      (N1 o N2 … N112 o N113) = (Q1 o Q2...Q112 o Q113).
      [4] Unifying the sequence of name into one word: The Koran
      The Koran = (N) = (N1 o N2...N112 o N113).
      [5] Unifying the introductory chapter (Q0) with each chapter
      (Q0 o Q1) = (Q0 o Q1).
      (Q0 o Q1 o Q2) = (Q0) o (Q1) o (Q2).
      (Q0 o Q1 o Q2 o Q3) = (Q0) o (Q1) o (Q2) o (Q3) and so on.
      [6] Unifying the introductory chapter (Q0) with the whole Koran
      (Q) = (Q0) (Q1 o Q2...Q112 o Q113) = (Q0 o Q1 o Q2...Q112 o Q113).
      [7] Finding the INVARIANT WORD at each level of unification.

      The Search of How Intelligence Emerges From Cellular Level

      Oscillatory micro-tubules (Discrete Biological Oscillators) are the
      Basic building block of cellular intelligence. We search how
      intelligence emerges from the cellular level to the Brain network

      Jesus (peace be upon him) as a Word from God Thrown of Mary

      God describes Jesus as a WORD from him thrown over Mary by a massager
      (information Carrier). Theoretical Biology states that each human
      creature is a WORD composed of a string of 1~3 billion letters over
      four alphabetical symbols {C, T, A, G}.

      Jesus (P.B.U.H) & the Projection of Internal Peace: God Living Kingdom

      Jesus (P.B.U.H) stated that the Kingdom of God is inside of us, and
      that means:

      [1] Each human is miniature of God's kingdom.
      [2] By discovering SCIENTIFICLY and SPIRITUALLY our inner creation,
      we will find universal GODLY MODEL of RUNNING the HUMAN SOCIETY
      lovingly and intelligently, the matter that will lead to UNIVERSAL

      Therefore peace projection happens at two levels.

      [1] The projection of inner spiritual peace into spiritual external
      [2] The projection of inner mental peace into mental external peace.

      In view of the framework of intelligence theory, Jesus is expected to
      come back as the prophet of love & intelligence.

      Muhammad (P.B.U.H) & the Projection of Internal Peace: How God
      Created the Creature?

      Muhammad (P.B.U.H) insisted on searching of how God created a
      creature. That is more general statement calling for us to understand
      how INTELLIGENCE EVOLVES from single-cell organism to multi-cell
      organism ending up with the human creature which leads to universal
      peace too.
      This statement is METHODICAL scientific way to start from SIMPLICITY
      to COMPLEXITY. Peace be upon prophet Muhammad.

      The Projection of Internal Peace into External Peace: Evolutionary
      Belief in God

      Internal peace starts by postulating the basic concept of all
      existence: GOD.
      The Living Kingdom of God is inside each human.
      This kingdom is born with INTIAL STRUCTURE, and each human is
      responsible to establish HIGHER STRUCTURE starting from the initial
      This kingdom will be achieved be projecting the internal peace of
      heart & mind inside of us. Activating the human heart & mind is the
      essence of religion, and the start point of belief, and then the
      heart and the mind GROW by havening CONTINUOUS relation with God and
      science. That is the Evolutionary school of God and his sequence of
      prophets that ended up with Muhammad.


      The cause of religion failure has always been the separation between
      LOVE and INTELLIGENCE and the avoidance of solving social issue

      Enlightenment Theory: How the Koran Structure and Activate the Brain

      All region of the cortex (including neo-cortex) are PLASTIC, which
      means they it RE-WIRES itself in response to visual and auditory

      We search for unifying the Koran Verses and chapters by studying

      [1] How the scripture of the Koran STRUCTURE the Natural and the
      artificial brain networks when a RANDON network LISTENS to the KORAN
      RHYTHMIC RECICTATION IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER verse by verse and chapter
      by chapter Q1 Q2 Q3...Q112 Q113.
      [2] How the FREQUENCIES of the Koran rhythmic recitation will
      OSCILLATE in the brain networks.
      [3] How the brain analysis these frequencies according to Fourier

      We search in how RECITING the Koran will ENLIGHTEN the BRAIN NETWORKS.

      Wave Analysis of the Quran: The Search for Universal Visual &
      Auditory Mapping

      The Human brain maps sensory information according to Fourier
      We search for universal mapping of the Koran alphabet.
      The map is both visual and auditory, and they are INVARIANT from
      human to human.

      The Quran Refers to Numerous Informational Quantum & Biological Facts

      [1] The operation of human biological brain at Sub-Quantum level (sub-
      atomic particle of good or evil and the brain IONS).
      [2] The spin of a network.
      [3] Quantum annealing.
      [4] Quantum Tunneling or Teleportation (King Solomon Event).
      [5] The Quantum cloud (God comes in the shadows of clouds and angel).
      [6] The human aura.

      Toward Loving & Evolutionary Intelligent Islam

      God's purpose from creating the Universe is based on

      [1] Love
      [2] Intelligence

      Human society will be UNIFIED by Love and Evolutionary Intelligence.
      That's why we search for HARMONIOUS & INTELLIGENT interpretation of
      the Koran.

      God describes the Quran as complete word, so we are interested in all
      the problems in String Languages Theory that fall in the Class NP-
      We search IF the sub-words are proportional numerical factors in the
      one-word too.

      Koran: the Cosmic Word of God & the Future of Islam

      Islam will turn into Informational biological, and quantum Religion,
      and that is because the Koran is based on intelligence theory; and
      intelligence theory has informational, biological, & quantum basis.
      The Koran, as ONE STRUCTURED SEQUENCE, is the COSMIC WORD of GOD (The

      The Cosmic Doomsday

      According to Astrophysics and the Koran, the cosmic doomsday takes
      place when heaven RIP OFF after 10 billion years at least.

      Fields of Interests

      [1] Natural Intelligence.
      [2] Artificial Intelligence.
      [3] Visual, Auditory & Touching Intelligence.
      [3] Quantum Artificial Intelligence.
      [4] Biological Signaling Systems.
      [5] Complexity Classes.
      [6] Networks Theory (Unifying sub-networks into one network)
      [7] Holographic Analysis of the Bain and the Cosmos.

      Fields Related to Audio & Visual Intelligence

      [1] The orthographic representation of Arabic Language in the Quran.
      [2] The acoustic signal of speech.
      [3] Interpreting acoustic signal by the ear & the brain.
      [4] Rule system for pronunciation, lexical stress.
      [5] The interpretation of orthography when reading silently.

      Larger Arabic Language Alphabets in the Koran

      The correspondence between each sound in Arabic Language and a symbol
      in its alphabet in the Koran Scripture would mean that Arabic
      language needs LARGER Qur'anic ALPHABET.

      Intelligent-Quran Research Program

      The program is based on following up

      [1] Simplified books in natural & Artificial Intelligence.
      [2] Annual Language conferences and references all over the World.
      [3] Annual Artificial Intelligence conferences and references.
      [4] Annual Quantum Information & Biology conferences and references.
      [5] Annual network conferences and references.
      [6] Contacting scientists and engineers to share some ideas.

      The Target is the LOGICAL INVARIANTS:

      We Believe that the introductory alphabet of the Koran chapters, such
      {alm …s, q, n} are the INVARIANTS of conversion resulting from
      unifying the Koran sequences.

      If anybody is interested, please have a look at


      Glory be to the God of Heavens, Earth, Love & Intelligence.


      Ramzi Kam
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