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Re: [aima-talk] Difference between Actuators and Sensors

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  • gaurav gupta
    thanks man, what i can figure out from your example is that sensors are basically used for input to any AI agent while actuators are mainly involved with the
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      thanks man,
      what i can figure out from your example is that
      sensors are basically used for input to any AI agent
      while actuators are mainly involved with the output of
      the AI agents.

      is this correct?

      please can you help me in finding out what exactly is
      "Web Crawler". I think its some tool to help in
      demystifying the abbreviations used in the webpages.
      But i coudln't find out much about it in detail. Can
      you also help me in finding out some of its task
      environments such as the sensors and actuators used

      I also need to know the sensors and actuators of the
      following. I found out some but am not sure whether
      they are correct? Please help me in this:

      Robot Soccer:
      Vision and Image processing
      Omnidirectional Vision
      Adversarial Planning
      Speech Synthesis

      Sensor-Motor Control

      Computer Chess Player:
      Inputs moves made by the opponent.


      --- Dharmesh Jani <janidharmesh@...> wrote:

      > hey
      > sensors are devices that are used to convert the
      > signal from one physical form to another...they are
      > also called transducers.....eg. pressure transducers
      > like strain gauge convert the pressure into voltage
      > that can be fed to controllers.. temperature
      > transducers convert temperature into voltage or
      > current.....
      > actuators are devices that are used as a converter
      > between the controller and the control
      > devices...generally all of the control devices have
      > actuators........for example we can have actuators
      > for control valves which are the final control
      > elements in control systems.....
      > take the example of controlling the temperature in a
      > tank of water......
      > first comes the sensor which senses the temperature
      > and gives the input to a microcomputer....the
      > microcomputer runs some algorithm to see as what
      > needs to be done according to the input
      > temperature...it gives appropriate output to the
      > actuator which drives a valve controlling the flow
      > of water in the tank....in this way the loop is
      > closed....
      > tell me if u r able to understand this example.....
      > take care
      > Gaurav <gaurav_gup1@...> wrote:
      > Hi all, I have taken this for the first time. I was
      > going through the
      > book but I am not able to make out the exact
      > differences between
      > Actuators and Sensors. Please someone help me by
      > giving me what each
      > term means. If possible please also give some
      > example which is
      > different from one given in the book.
      > Please reply quickly. Thanks.
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