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Re: [aima-talk] Problems given at the end of each chapter

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    Hi Bhaskar, I m going through the book as well, and I m one chapter ahead of you. Since I ve done my own version of VacuumWorld, I can offer a few things. 1)
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2001
      Hi Bhaskar,

      I'm going through the book as well, and I'm one chapter ahead of you. Since
      I've done my own version of VacuumWorld, I can offer a few things.

      1) You don't need to code it in Lisp. I did it in C++, but the algorithms
      from the chapter are very general and can be coded in your own favorite
      language. I notice the authors now leaning toward Java, so you could try
      2) For my version, the most important things were creating a data structure
      for the vacuum grid world and then another sub-grid of the simulation grid
      for the agent for where it can see and move for every turn (since you don't
      want the agent to be able to evaluate its moves by looking at the whole
      grid.) For each grid square, there is a state, as is mentioned in the
      chapter. This can be a struct or class in C++/Java, with each field of the
      struct representing whether there's dirt or not, whether the square is
      occupied, etc. (I used bits to represent states being on or off in my C++
      implementation.) Then the rest of the problem involves creating an agent
      class that can look and move around its subgrid and fire a rule based on the
      state in its square.

      If you want, you can take a look at my implementation at
      However, it will probably be helpful only if you know C++ and the Standard
      Template Library (STL) fairly well.


      maddalab@... wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > I am a beginner to the field of AI, and am currently using the book
      > to get started. I was looking at the problems at the end of the
      > second chapter, some of which ask for the implementation. Ex 2.5 I
      > just wanted to know on how to go about it. Do I do it in lisp? Is
      > there a code base that I could use? How do i go about it? Can some
      > one please help me get started
      > Thanks
      > Bhaskar Maddala
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