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931The Oracle(TM) NetBeans Java IDE for the AIMA code

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  • Antti Ylikoski
    Jun 29, 2012
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      In the context of the AIMA Java code at the AIMA site, there are there
      the instructions how to import the Java code into the Eclipse IDE.

      I have found that this indeed greatly helps in delving into the code.

      There exists there another very well-known Java Integrated Development
      Environment, namely the NetBeans, which can be downloaded from the


      The Eclipse is being supported by the Eclipse foundation, whereas the
      NetBeans are being developed and supported by Oracle(TM) who are the
      current custodians of the Java technology. I'm under the impression
      that many Java developers prefer the NetBeans -- and after looking at
      them both, I must say that I personally and subjectively like the
      NetBeans better.

      I feel that it would be beneficial to the AIMA community to get the
      instructions how to utilize the NetBeans together with the AIMA Java
      code into the AIMA site instructions.

      regards, Antti J Ylikoski
      Helsinki, Finland, the E.U.
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