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93Re: [aima-talk] Compiler for Source

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  • Will Deakin
    Sep 20, 2002
      --- wein3150 a scritto:
      > Hi,
      > Can anyone tell me if MIT Scheme 7.5 for W98 should
      > work okay with the lisp source code form the text?
      No. Although similar, common lisp and scheme are
      sufficiently different such that the code in the book
      will not -- in general -- work with scheme.

      Two approaches now seem obvious (to me at least),
      either port the code to scheme or obtain a common lisp
      compiler. Dependant on your personal bias, skills and
      experience one should now be apparent.

      If it were *me* I would start out by looking at one of
      free common lisp compilers which, I *think*, run under
      W98. For example, the excellent clisp or corman lisp
      spring to mind. Or trial editions of the excellent
      xanalys lispworks or franz allegro common lisp.

      Hope this helps,


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