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917A point concerning the LISP code for the Russell-Norvig book

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  • Antti
    Feb 5, 2012
      I have read through Stuart Russell's lecture slides for the AIMA book,
      from the AIMA site http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu They constitute
      excellent refresher material for the book.

      There is one small point that I would like to make concerning the
      slides, the book and the accompanying LISP code.

      File 09. A nice LISP idiom for generating standardized apart names

      (intern (symbol-name (gensym "$STANDARD"))) ; for variable names
      (intern (symbol-name (gensym "$SKOLEM"))) ; for Skolem functions

      The point is that the above idioms are very simple and they will work
      for all cases, without there being special cases for names which the
      used must not type (well, except for really pathological cases such as
      $STANDARD2013, but anyway.)

      I hope that this constitutes a positive contribution for the excellent

      yours, Antti J Ylikoski
      Helsinki, Finland, the E.U.