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910The SensoryGraphPlan, edited, tested and working, accessible on my www pages

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  • Antti
    Nov 15, 2011
      The planner SensoryGraphPlan can be found, in an edited, tested and
      working status, tested with GNU EMACS, SLIME and CLISP, in my web site


      and its subdirectory domains/

      Those files carry a copyright notice that they only may be copied and
      used for noncommercial research purposes. Therefore, all commercial
      use of any of those files necessitates an explicit written permission
      of the authors and copyright holders of the files. Moreover, the
      copyright notices in those files should not be removed. I interpret
      it that giving these files here for the readers of the AIMA discussion
      group constitutes a "noncommercial research purpose". I'm doing this
      only for the purpose of furthering scientific discussion, no one gets
      a single cent from this post.

      On the AIMA pages, http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu, the LISP code, for the
      book, pages concerning planning refer to the UCPOP system. However,
      when one accesses these UCPOP pages then the user will find the notice
      that the UCPOP is an aging system, if I remember correctly, then the
      UCPOP is not any more supported.

      The UCPOP has been superseded by the SGP, the Sensory Graphplan. The
      www pages of the SGP are:


      this is a good planner for the student of the venerable textbook to
      carry out exercises and various experiments with.

      yours sincerely, and V/R, Mr Antti J Ylikoski
      Helsinki, Finland, the EU