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906Ebook Issues

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  • rocwoof
    Aug 4, 2011
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      I am considering signing up for the free online Stanford AI intro class being taught by Norvig and Russell (the authors), and am trying to nail down the logistics of getting the text book as an ebook. Using the class site's book references, this is what I have found (so far) for an ebook version:

      1. Pearson claims it is "out of print" - an ebook?? Really?? Did they run out of disk space?

      2. Barnes & Noble claim their version can only be obtained for use with NookStudy, and thus only is readable on Windows or Mac, and not on Android or Linux (or those i-thingies...). Not a good option for me.

      3. It appears that the Kindle version from Amazon is available for Android and most other versions of Kindle readers, so is that the only viable ebook option for Android?