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802Re: File for building Java code for algorithms in the book

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  • Ravi Mohan
    Dec 30, 2007

      --- In aima-talk@yahoogroups.com, "Michael B. Enders"
      <michael.b.enders@...> wrote:
      > I tried to run Java code downloaded for ALPHA-BETA-SEARCH algorithm
      > (figure 6.7) and got message "cannot find class aima.util.Util". I
      > would set the CLASSPATH variable to find the file, except that as far
      > as I know no such file exists on my computer and I need to download
      > it.

      You do need to download the aima-java v 0.92 archive from

      The file you "does not exist" is in the directory
      /aima-java/src/aima/util/ the exact path indicated by the error
      message. The error message means you have not set CLASSPATH correctly.

      You don't need to build from source to use the code. Just set your
      CLASSPATH environment variable to the build subdirectory.

      > Can someone tell me how to download whatever files I need to
      > compile and run the Java versions of the pseudocode in the book?

      Instructions to build the java code from source is at
      http://code.google.com/p/aima-java/wiki/ReadMe - look for "Build
      Instructions". A few thousand people have managed to build from these
      instructions. Any problems with building are invariably about not
      setting the classpath correctly.

      If you are not able to make this work, I suggest you ask your local
      system administrator to set up CLASSPATH for you properly, check the
      JRE/JDK version etc.

      Alternatively you could use the codebases from the other
      (python/lisp) implementations, or refer to Paradigms of AI
      programming, as Dr Futrelle suggests, or even write
      your own implementation based on the pseudocode.

      Ivan Villaneuva has a parallel implementation of most of the
      algorithms at http://www.artificialidea.com/index.php?page=algorithms
      which you may want to download and try.

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